US Special Envoy Kurt Volker Spoke Out Against Kiev’s Ban on Russian Media and Social Networks

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The best help to Ukraine would be to make it a strong democracy attractive to the residents of Donbass. The special representative of the US on the settlement in Ukraine Kurt Volker spoke about this shortly before his appointment in an interview to the Ukrainian service of Voice of America.

“The best way to resist Russian propaganda and the attacks on Ukraine is to strengthen Ukraine. There is a lot of work, the government works hard on it. We must see a Ukraine that is resistant, viable, prospering, and with a strong democracy. So that it is attractive to the eastern regions,” considers the special representative.

Volker at the same time didn’t support the restriction of the activity of Russian media in Ukraine.

“I don’t know that banning information is the correct solution. I consider that publicity and transparency are important. If there are financial violations, investigate it, and present it appropriately,” stressed the diplomat.

Earlier the Secretary of State of the United States of America Rex Tillerson stated that Volker will try to change the status quo at “Normandy Four” negotiations, so that because of these negotiations the progress begins.

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