US Strike Against Yemen: Preparation for an Invasion or a Provocation?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The USA is the master at creating a provocation that leads to war. Many aggressive wars of the Americans began with an alleged attack on their military or civilians, after which the army and Navy of one of the most powerful nations of the world invades other people’s territory.

On Thursday, October 13th, Reuters reported “another” attack by the Houthis on the USS Mason. Apparently two anti-ship missiles once again missed their target, and the American ship was forced to strike back, destroying a radar station on the territory of Yemen.

After that, the Pentagon published a rather interesting message:

“These limited self-defense strikes were conducted to protect our personnel, our ships and our freedom of navigation in this important maritime passageway. The United States will respond to any further threat to our ships and commercial traffic.

Here there are many interesting things, but more on that later. A reminder on the chronology of events.

How it happened

On October 1st, 2016, an American military transport high-speed HSV-2, leased by the UAE for the rapid transport of troops between the ports of Yemen, was attacked. The ship has a cruising speed of over 40 knots, and was a convenient and sometimes indispensable tool to quickly transport troops from one front to another.

As we can see, the ship after the attack burned out completely and probably will not surf the ocean again.

And already on October 10th, 2016, the USA said that the “Mason” destroyer was attacked by two missiles that fell into the water before reaching the ship. Two days later, the attack was allegedly repeated, but with the same negative result.

The Houthis in Yemen have a coastal anti-ship system with cruise missile “Noor” made in Iran. The missile has a firing range of 120 km and a payload of about 150 kg. The ship HSV-2 and “Mason” destroyer were “attacked” in the area of the port of Mocha. From here it is only 50km to the shores of Eritrea. How could the missile not reach? Especially because it was two at once, and two days later two more. If they were guided away by means of electronic warfare, the US would say that the attack failed or had been repelled.

And here it is not about boasting. Just on the ship alone are hundreds of sailors that can easily reveal what happened.

But shooting at a floating destroyer with any middle radius anti-air system and even at night, the missile, of course, will fall into the water, and the world will be to told about the devilry of the Houthis. And the crew of the ship will also see it. By the way, the port of Mocha is situated close to the front line, and therefore to produce such a blow to supporters of Hadi was not difficult.

If the Americans indeed busied themselves about these spectacles and did not invent everything from beginning to end.

Also it’s impossible to say that the American ship was attacked by mistake. Dozens of ships pass through the strait everyday, and yet there was not a single case of an erroneous strike . And especially a repeated one on the same ship. It is impossible to confuse a ship with a displacement of 10,000 tons with a light Saudi Arabian warship or the UAE at a distance of 20-30km.

Why would the US need to do it?

Even taking into account their differences with Saudi Arabia, the Americans continue to support them. Iran and Russia are the enemies of the United States. It is unlikely that Washington will allow Russia to gain a foothold in the region. A coastal missile system, which successfully attacked a warship of the Americans in the district of bab el mandeb strait, is a threat that needs to be neutralised.

That’s why the described provocation was invented. Probably an American destroyer simply was patrolling the area for a few days and waited for the radar to start to work, and when it happened, struck. In order to informationally cover up this act of aggression against a foreign country this unsuccessful attack was invented, about which nobody knows anything except themselves.

Judging by the Pentagon’s statement, they will continue to patrol the region and strike on the radar, which the US will consider dangerous for them. So, it’s possible to consider the current actions of the United States as their reaction to a successful attack by the Houthis on their military ship, rented by the UAE. Will this have further consequences? For sure. The Houthis will be obliged to stop attacking ships or their systems (primarily radar) will be destroyed very quickly.

Will the Americans apply other strikes? For now there isn’t enough information for analysis. But the first and most important step to this they have already made. The pretext exists and there is the first strike. Further, it is easier for them. And a year later, everybody will forget about the original reason for this.

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