US Treasury Began the Liberation of Russia From Paying Tributes

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The US Treasury Department declared its intention to apply sanctions against Russia maximally aggressively.

This was stated by the head of department Steven Mnuchin in front of US Congressmen. The Ministry will adhere to the same line also concerning the implementation of restrictive measures against Iran and North Korea.

During his speech, Mnuchin highlighted that the Ministry of Finance completely supports the sanctions. “We will use them super-aggressively,he added.

Hopefully he didn’t tell a lie or will change his mind. I can’t wait for the beginning of the super-aggressive implementation of the anti-Russian sanctions by the US Ministry of Finance.

Touch wood and throw salt over the left shoulder. My head is even spinning from the unfolding prospects – wow, has it really begun? The restoration of Russia’s financial sovereignty, which many spoke about for so many years – from the termination of the purchasing of US bonds to a full exit from the dollar’s shadow? Not to mention a full replacement of the pro-American fifth column in Russia because of its uselessness. And how will we now live without them?

US Ministry of Finance – Work, brothers, work [slogan of Motorola – ed]!

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