Why the US Turns Ukraine Into a Biological Bomb

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Dozens of articles are written about the “belt of military bio-laboratories of the US” surrounding the Russian Federation – information collected by both experts and journalists testifies to the obvious threats coming from this “belt” to both the countries where these laboratories are and Russia.

A biological weapon is a weapon of mass destruction, along with nuclear and chemical ones, but its use, according to the evaluations of experts, gives the greatest effect: ability to hurt people, animals, and agricultural plants; flexibility; huge psychological influence; lack of barriers to penetration; a variety of biological agents, the existence of an incubatory period allowing to hide the source of the contamination; self-proliferation; high productivity; low cost.

“Many still remember the events of the autumn of 2001, when in the US letters with so-called white powder were dispatched. The investigation showed that this act of terrorism was organized by persons tied with military-biological centers in the US. A very curious fact was revealed when this ‘powder’ underwent research in specialized laboratories. It turned out that it represents a mixture of lyophillically dried-up spores of the causative agent of anthrax and a special filler, which experts modestly called some silicon dioxide.

The largest particle including spores as a part of this ‘white powder’ didn’t exceed the size of 3 microns, and the particles of ‘silicon dioxide’ playing the filler role were even submicronic sizes. The strain of the causative agent of anthrax appeared also to be known by them, because it was also their strain Ames, capable of overcoming the protective action of commercial vaccines and resistant against treatment by antibiotics used in Russia for the treatment of anthrax. The white powder appeared to be a special compound intended to be used with cluster munitions, and when used they can get into deep sections of the lungs and cause a disease in the person. But under the terms of the 1972 Convention (Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction) such a compound and munitions shouldn’t be in the US,” said a few years ago the specialist in problems of biological safety, the microbiologist Candidate of Biology Colonel reserve officer Mikhail Supotnitsky. According to him, “the biological military activity of the US never stopped”.

Special alarm is caused by the bio-laboratories opened by the United States during the last 12 years in the countries of the former USSR. Their activity is secret, Americans directly participate in it, laboratories are built using American money, they are supervised by the Ministry of Defence of the US. In Ukraine before the coup 15 such objects were created, and 14 of them – in the regional centers:

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• Odessa, 2009 (The central referens-laboratory [CRL] on the basis of the anti-plague laboratory of the Ukrainian research institute of Mechnikov. Specialization – studying human pathogens. The Ministry of Defence of the US invested in the project about $3.5 million);

• Vinnytsia, 2010 (The diagnostic laboratory on the basis of the regional sanitary epidemiological station, cost is $1.5 million, the source of money is the same);

• In 2011 bio-laboratories were opened in Uzhgorod (The Zakarpatye diagnostic laboratory, $1.9 million) and Dnepropetrovsk (Diagnostic laboratory, $1.9 million, and the State regional laboratory of veterinary medicine, $1.8 million), in Simferopol (The Crimean republican diagnostic laboratory on the base of the anti-plague laboratory of republican sanitary epidemiological station, about $1.9 million) – always the same donor, the Pentagon;

• In 2012 two laboratories were open in Lvov ($1.9 million and $1.7 million), one in Kharkov (more than $1.6 million), in Kiev (more than $2.1 million), in Lugansk (about $1.75 million), in Kherson (more than $1.7 million), and in Ternopol ($1.75 million) – also everything is financed by the Ministry of Defence of the US;

• In 2013 Lvov received a third bio-laboratory (on the base of the Lvov research institute of epidemiology and hygiene, more than $1.5 million);

• The fate of the Clinical Research Laboratory in Merefa (on the base of the Kharkov institute of experimental and clinical veterinary medicine), which was going to be opened in 2013, but it was postponed because of the protests of the local population, is unknown. In a 30-kilometer zone of Kharkov Americans were going to research strains of anthrax, the plague, bird flu, foot-and-mouth disease, and other viruses, to improve them, to make them much more pathogenic. The zone of the building adjoined to the residential quarter outright frightened people. They weren’t calmed neither by the assurances of officials about the safety of the laboratory, nor by the message that the US are ready to invest $15 million in it. As a result the Kharkov authorities curtailed the project (most likely, it simply moved to another place but in the same region).

It isn’t clear what was going on with the creation of new Clinical Research Laboratories in Ukraine during the period since 2014 to the present day. There are numerous rumours, there is no reliable data: the Ukrainian media doesn’t report about the work of already existing bio-laboratories and the opening of new ones, the topic is under a ban. Considering the danger factors existing in Ukraine (the armed conflict is ongoing for already the fourth year, a significant growth in crime is recorded, the political situation is unstable), it is easy to imagine what threat the Ukrainian State – stuffed with biological laboratories – carries for Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Transnistria, and the European Union countries.

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Since 2009 (the year of opening of the first bio-laboratory in Odessa) epidemics began to arise in Ukraine. Moreover, every time the authorities had the opportunity to fill their pockets on the fight against them. It is enough to remember the virus of “swine flu” A-H1N1 that struck Ukrainians, which allowed to “divide up” about $40 million on the wave of hysteria.

In 2017 the outbreak of botulism suddenly “emerged”, in Kiev and Kherson people died due to the lack of serums. In 2012 “suddenly” the residents of Ukraine began to have measles (more than 13,000 cases were registered), now the disease comes back again, the greatest number infected as of the middle of June in the Odessa region and in Galicia, the numbers already go into triple digits.

In September, 2016, in Izmail (again, the Odessa region) an unknown intestinal infection emerged, from which children especially suffered. Literally in days hundreds of people called hospitals, in two days the number of the diseased surpassed 400. The reasons weren’t found: at first the local authorities affirmed that the analyses of tests of water meet sanitary standards, then wrote off the emergency situation in Izmail as viruses, which allegedly incidentally got into the water because of bad weather (it was affirmed by the former governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili and the “main doctor of Maidan” Olga Bogomolets). In 2016 “swine flu” returned to Ukraine – the disease is characterized by the prompt development of atypical pneumonia. 

Since 2012 in Ukraine African swine fever spreads. In the Kiev region the largest agrocombine “Kalita” in 2015 destroyed all livestock of pigs (more than 60,000) because of African swine fever, and in only five years of fight against the swine plague, which “suddenly” took root in Ukraine, more than 100,000 animals were culled. There is no vaccine or serum for African swine fever, the mortality rate is 100%, any contact with a sick animal leads to contamination. It is almost impossible to determine the source of contamination: the virus of African swine fever can remain in the land for about 8 months, can “live” for 5 months in smoked sausage, meat, and fat, more than 3 months – in manure. Six months after the cremation of contaminated livestock of pigs quarantine is in effect, and it is possible to breed new pigs only a year after its termination. The virus of African swine fever is capable of killing not only business in the volume of a small pig farm, but also large agro-economy, the losses of which will be tens of millions of dollars. The distribution map of African swine fever in Ukraine shows that the Ukrainian “swine threat” densely adjoins the Belarusian, Russian, and Transnistrian borders.

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The American bio-safety project, a part of which is widely deployed in Ukraine, is nothing other than a maneuver to bypass the 1972 Convention. The military-biological laboratories that are, according to legend, allegedly summoned to “reduce biological threats” in this or that State, in reality put under the control of the Pentagon the network of studying the influence of viruses and bacteria on a concrete gene pool – be it people, animals, or plants. Here the widest field of activity opens: by means of pathogens it is possible to influence plant growing and animal husbandry, to control local and total epidemics.

At the end of 2016 the EU forbade Ukraine from importing fowl meat because in the Kherson region “bird flu” “suddenly” blazed, and the ban affected all the territory of the country. The export of fowl meat (generally chicken) brought to the Ukrainian poultry farming more than $4 million per month. This year “bird flu” threatens Ukrainian contracts with Africa and the countries of the Middle East (last year they introduced restrictive measures after a disease outbreak). If the disease will again appear, the largest “bird’s” trade partner of Ukraine (27% of all export of Ukrainian fowl and 35% of eggs) will fall under a ban, and it will become critical for local poultry farming (for some Ukrainian companies export to Iraq is than 75% of total production).

With the help of the media and expert community the opinion is created that carriers of both African swine fever and “bird flu” are wild specimens; that somewhere viruses mutate and come back already with new properties that increase and accelerate the rate of mortality of livestock. As for people, here it is enough to organize information spreading about infected water, rotten water pipes, stale sausage, or tourists from a far-away country who brought a virus. And it is here that the value of a biological bomb is – it is invisible, and it is practically impossible establish the source of contamination. They just fail to hide just one factor: since the moment the American military began to entangle Ukraine in the web of Clinical Research Laboratories (bio-laboratories) for the purpose of “reducing biological threats”, the quantity and scale of these threats grew many times. And now Ukraine itself already became a biological bomb for Russia, Belarus, and Transnistria.

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