USA Flushes Their Pet Terrorists to Turkey and Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Turkey will expand the zone of carrying out its anti-terrorist mission “Euphrates Shield”. This was stated today, 19th September, by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The correspondent of the Federal News Agency spoke with an expert about the actions of Ankara in Syria and the difficult situation the United States faces.

According to Erdogan, in the framework of the antiterrorism operation, the Turkish military was able to clear 900 square kilometers of insurgents from various terrorist groups. At the moment, this area is expanding to the South. Erdogan said that Turkey may increase this area up to 5000 square kilometers along the Turkish-Syrian border.

As a reminder, the military operation “Euphrates Shield” began on 24th August this year. The regular Turkish army entered the territory of Syria, utilizing motorized and armored divisions. The main goal of the mission is the liberation of the neighbouring border territories from the militants of the terrorist quasi-formation “Islamic State” (the organization is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation), as well as from the Kurdish Armed Forces.

Also involved in the fighting on the side of Turkey are units of the Free Syrian Army.

“Turkey continues to systematically implement its plan of action. The northern part of Syria, which is subject to the impact of the operation “Euphrates Shield, is controlled not only by the Kurds but also other groups that support the US. The situation is very revealing: Americans have almost nothing to oppose the operation – neither military, nor diplomatic pressure. In fact, the US ceded the North to Turkey,” said the scientist, head of expert group “Crimean project” Igor Ryabov.

What is Moscow’s attitude toward the Turkish army’s actions? According to the expert, it is important that the number of hot spots of military action in Syria were gradually reduced.

“The Turks guarantee, for its part, the maintenance of order and security in the liberated territories. And that’s what matters now. The so-called “Kurdish question” remains unsolved. At the moment, the northern part of Syria, where the Turkish army head towards, and supported by Syrian armed groups is full of different factions that have no relation to the Kurds. It is much more likely that there are covert special camps of Americans  are active there, which at the same time are both points of command and management of special operations. Recent events have forced mistakes – this is as a minimum,  and as a maximum, due to intentional “mistakes”, aim to turn the tide on other fronts. The bombing “by mistake” Syrian army positions in the eastern front near Iraq is a response to a deteriorating (for Americans), from a strategic point of view, situation in Syria. But this process is apparently irreversible. Iran, Turkey, and Russia, together with Syria formed a coalition, which no external forces are able to counteract,” concluded the analyst.

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