USAID and the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov Are Building New Plans for Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Americans offer $65 million, Avakov offers to issue Ukrainian passports anew…

The kind Americans will allocate $65 million to “reformat” Donbass. This rather modest sum that is mentioned in the document of US Agency for International Development (USAID) is intended to reduce the dependence of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions on Russia and to connect them to other regions of Ukraine.

“Work will be carried out mainly on the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions that have suffered most of all from Russian aggression (the region that they are a part of is known under the name Donbass). At the same time, to achieve the defined objectives efforts will also be made concerning nearby regions, and also on the territory of Ukraine in general,” it is said in the document. Let USAID worry about “Russian aggression” – the Agency, whose leaders are appointed by the [US – ed] President and are approved by the Senate, can’t be expected to say it differently.

So what are the Americans going to do to turn Donbass away from Russia and to force it to look towards Kiev and Galicia?

Money will be invested in projects with a quick return. “The contractor undertakes to promote the growth and development of the enterprises of small and medium business that have big prospects for this in the southeast of Ukraine, promoting their entry into the markets of this region, the European Union, and also into the international market,” it is reported in the contract. According to the experts of USAID, the development of small and medium business in the region will lead, firstly, to success stories for businessmen who the US will push forward in the Ukrainian, European, and global market. Unprecedented results will entice crowds of investors to Donbass who will form a line to bury their money in the Field of Miracles, as a result of which the Donetsk and Lugansk regions will cease to be dependant on large industrial enterprises, and, thus, also on Russia. It is such a plan that the Agency invented counting on the saying “Without a sucker, life is bad”.

According to USAID’s idea, in order to return Donbass to Ukraine it is necessary to bring it to a condition of total ruin, “the situation … with the outdated industry must change so that Ukraine can guarantee its independence, security, and prosperity”. In other words, two-three dozens (however many Americans will have enough dollars for) of private little shops cultivating snails, knitting Ukrainian flags with a Wolfsangel, collecting thyme and sewing embroidery must replace mines and plants that weren’t fully buried in the 90’s and managed to preserve Donbass’ honorary title of an industrial region. However, it won’t succeed with embroidery – China claimed this niche for itself a long time ago and safely provides Ukrainian patriots with its embroidery production. But there is a lot of thyme in Donbass, it is possible to fill up both the Carpathians and all of Europe with Donetsk teas from the minefields. And in the Lugansk region valuable wood remains here and there.

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For example, why does Severodonetsk – where the regional center of the Lugansk region is nowadays located – need a “Azot” chemical plant, where at the time of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic the main part of the population of the city – 25,000 people – worked? It wasn’t succeeded to destroy “Azot” via Ukrainian independence, unlike the giant plants in the neighboring cities to Severodonetsk, which were relieved of their “dependence on Russia” long ago and are thus in an absolutely pathetic condition – like Rubezhnoye, where at the time of the Russian Empire the giants “Russko-kraska”, “Koksobenzol”, and the Southern plant of explosives were constructed, and the Soviet authorities increased their industrial potential and population. Today’s Rubezhnoye is a dying town – its main events are considered to be the repeated unveiling of a memorial to “ATO” soldiers (this moment was repeatedly subjected to the attitude of locals towards Ukrainian “liberators”, that’s why Ukrainian “activists” were obliged to transfer the memorable sign to another place) and the renaming of Budyonny Street into Zhytomyr Street because the residents of Rubezhnoye for some reason were liberated by natives of Zhytomyr.

USAID for $65 million would like to bring all of Donbass – including the DPR and LPR – to the condition of Rubezhnoye. Now this is called “independence from Russia, security, and prosperity”. The Americans obviously went too far concerning prosperity, but, probably, the word seemed convincing to them. There is just a need to deprive Donetsk and Lugansk citizens of a coal industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and other productions, and prosperity will immediately begin! The residents of Gorlovka, for example, will be able to organise a successful travel business for Galicians and Europeans at the places where there is shelling. It will be possible to even invite producers to film clips and a series on ruins about war and to make programs likeThe Battle of Extrasensory!

Understanding that the offer to “reduce dependency on Russia” at the price of destroying the still-alive industry nevertheless looks too suspicious, USAID planned to actively propagandise the project so that the inhabitants of Donbass look at beautiful pictures on the TV and believe that the road to Europe is good, and to Russia – it’s bad. Unforgettable stories of success will be told within the framework of a PR campaign: for example, the mine foreman Vasily will describe how together with the tunneller Nikolay they abandoned the mine and organised an art workshop on coloring pieces of anthracite in patriotic colors.

The main objective of the investing 65 million American dollars in Donbass in this way is to return the rebellious region under the Ukrainian flag and to liquidate the DPR and LPR. The contractor who will implement the project must be ready to work in the conditions of both a “frozen conflict” and during a UAF offensive, and even a mythical “Russian invasion”.

Besides this, USAID is convinced that the inhabitants of Donbass simply aren’t aware of just how the Ukrainian reforms are good and how Kiev wants only good for them. “Inhabitants of the southeast of Ukraine are sure that they are subject to marginalisation and condemnation for the pro-Russian moods imputed to them. In addition, people from this group of the population are least of all informed about the process of reforms in Ukraine and treat it with the greatest mistrust. Respectively, in comparison with the inhabitants of other regions of the country, they to a lesser extent are inclined to approve of the official statements and politics of the national government,” write the Americans. It is especially interesting to read these words in light of the fresh statements of the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. He considers that the “liberation” of Donbass must happen according to such a scenario: firstly UN “blue helmets” enter, and the DPR and LPR armies in their entirety leave for Russia (despite the fact that they are the inhabitants of Donbass), then there will be a police patrol similar to the experience of Croatia; afterwards – the procedure of issuing (or not issuing) new Ukrainian passports to Donetsk and Lugansk citizens depending on the depth of their sympathies for the DPR, LPR, and Russia and the extent of cooperation with the “occupational regime”; on top of all of this – the law on collaborators providing the loss of rights for an undefined number of years in the sense that the inhabitants of Donbass won’t be able to elect central authorities. “I think that the rights of people from the occupied territories will be affected concerning elections for the central authorities – parliament, the president, and so on. But this is normal international practice,” assures Avakov. “And so on” is especially intriguing and allows one to have a frenzy of imaginations.

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The minister suggests to “return” Donbass not entirely, but in parts: “The plan is such: peacekeepers come and stand on the border of the conditional city of Gorlovka or the rural Novoazovsky area. The border with the occupied territory is immediately taken under the control of ‘blue helmets’ and by Ukrainian border guards. Bodies of Ukrainian justice come and hold elections under Ukrainian law on the returned territory”.

In fact, Avakov sees UN peacekeepers as a battering ram that takes the cities and villages of the DPR and LPR (with fighting?) under control and clears the way for Ukrainian troops, police officer, and issuers of passports, who will start to establish new order in the “liberated” territories. “The Ukrainian people who were under occupation received access to all benefits of peaceful life … Do they applaud? Yes,” optimistically said the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who invented such a successful course with new Ukrainian passports. Everything is simple: those who sympathise with Russia must cleanse themselves from their native Donbass land, and only those will remain who are ready to obtain Ukrainian documents anew along with a loss of civil rights.

Avakov carried this enchanting plan to present it in the US, obviously implying that he is the chief performer. In an interview to “Ukrainian Pravda” – funded using American grants – the minister emphasised that Poroshenko has his own “feelings and views – priorities and procedures of achieving objectives”. And he bragged that keeping Kharkov in the Ukrainian orbit in 2014 is his personal achievement. Perhaps the US will also evaluate the merits of the frolicsome minister and his speed when it comes to “returning Donbass”.

The position of the chief police officer of Ukraine very much squeezes Arsen Avakov – let’s be honest, he has nothing to be proud of. “At night there was another explosion in Kiev. However, this happens every night: either a grenade launcher is fired, an explosive device is detonated, well as a last resort a grenade is thrown. Recently the special representative of the US Kurt Volker stated: in Ukraine there is safety everywhere where there are no Russian troops. Therefore, either Russian troops already entered Kiev or good ol’ Kurt considers that explosions every night in the capital is an element of safety,” wrote the former head of the Ukrainian bureau of Interpol Kirill Kulikov on Facebook. However, Volker doesn’t live in Kiev constantly and definitely doesn’t wander the streets of the capital of Ukraine at night. He is for sure in safety, and Volker doesn’t need to read the Ukrainian press, which offers more and more reminders about police reports of crimes. As for the Minister of Internal Affairs, it is possible to say without exaggeration that Avakov makes grandiose plans of “liberating” Donbass under the accompaniment of grenade launchers and machine guns – nowadays in Kiev it is rare that showdowns take place without the use of firearms and ammunition.

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And both the American USAID and the Ukrainian minister Avakov propose to the inhabitants of Donbass plans to return under the Ukrainian flag based on “decreasing dependence on Russia” and ousting to the Russian Federation the Donetsk and Lugansk citizens who don’t want “liberation”. Donbass – historically rooted in Russia – doesn’t understand why it should cut these roots? And if years of a bloody war didn’t help Americans and their proteges in Ukraine, then it’s unlikely that $65 million will help it – this is real kopeks in comparison with the industrial potential of the region.

Most likely, the money of USAID will be mostly plundered or invested in the businesses of people connected to the government. Corruption in Ukraine is invincible, and that’s why one shouldn’t worry about the destiny of $65 million. One also shouldn’t worry about the plan that Avakov presented to the United States – it is similar to the Ukrainian anthem, where “our enemies will perish like dew under the sun”. The disappearing armies of the republics and UN peacekeepers going on the attack is from the domain of the psychedelic mirages of the Minister of Internal Affairs, who desperately (with the help of Americans, of course) tries to drown Poroshenko and pave his way to the presidential chair.

… While USAID and Kiev typeset utopian plans for “returning” Donbass, Donetsk and Lugansk prepare for Victory Day, the UAF shell the cities and settlements of the unrecognised republics, and Ukrainian drones drop amusing leaflets over the DPR and LPR with calls to surrender – in the manner of Hitler’s ones.

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