Use of the Russian Language Provoked Yarosh’s Bodyguard to Shoot a Taxi Driver

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The speaker of the leadership of the National police in the Dnepropetrovsk region Anna Starchevskaya described the details of the shooting in Dnepropetrovsk, which according to media reports, involved a member of the party “Diya” and the personal bodyguard of Dmitry Yarosh.

“The on-duty attendant of the department of Kamyansky police department received a report that shots had been heard in the city. It was established that the taxi driver received an order for the transportation of three passengers. He drove up to a cafe – and collected three men. During driving they had a conflict. Owing to the conflict, the driver stopped the car. The passengers began to hit him with a stick at first, then the driver managed to escape from the car and one of the men fired several shots in his direction. Taxi drivers came to the rescue of the driver. They began to detain the malefactors independently. Some more shots sounded. At the moment we have a detainee, the one who opened fire. The ‘Makarov’ gun was withdrawn from the crime scene,” said Starchevskaya, reports

According to her, the conflict arose after passengers made a remark to the driver that he was talking in Russian: “There was a conflict about it, which ended in a shooting”. Also, according to Starchevskaya, sleeves from the 9mm bullets and the stick that was used to beat the taxi driver were taken away.

“The taxi driver is in hospital after being shot in the leg. But it is not the person who was in a taxi and initially transported the three men, but the one who tried to independently detain the attackers,” specified Starchevskaya.

One attacker managed to escape. The driver already identified the detainee. He confirmed that he took an active part in the attack.

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As a reminder, on Sunday, May 14th, in the city of Kamensk, Dnepropetrovsk region, a shooting occurred, and, according to local media, the security guards of the People’s Deputy Dmitry Yarosh participated in it.

Allegedly three drunk men were indignant with the fact that the taxi driver refused to respond with the traditionally greeting “Glory to Ukraine”. They at first hit the taxi driver, and then shot him in both legs, reports “Sobytie”.

The conflict, which ended in a shooting, took place near house No. 47 down Meditsinskoye street in broad daylight. According to eyewitnesses, the incident began near the taxi car. Two passengers struck blows to the driver in the back when he turned away to count the cash change. Another participant lended a hand in the conflict.

Then the enraged passengers began to beat the car. Firearms were used: one of them shot the taxi driver in both legs. Other taxi drivers quickly arrived at the scene.

The local “Right Sector” claims that one of those responsible for the incident is the personal bodyguard of the notorious Deputy-nationalist Yarosh. “Today in the city there was an incident during which the use of a traumatic weapon wounded a taxi driver, and the citizen Malisevich Roman was detained by police… Malisevich Roman is a party member of ‘Governmental Initiative of Yarosh’ and the personal bodyguard of D. Yarosh. We don’t know the causes of the incident and the circumstances under which there was a conflict, therefore we can’t judge the participants. It is certainly possible to declare one thing: the consumption of alcohol by the nationalist, and furthermore the ‘drunk’ use of strictly prohibited weapons. We consider that Yarosh and his party’s leadership must understand the situation carefully and quickly publish the results of their own investigation in the press,” noted the head of the local cell of Right Sector Askold Mozheyko.


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