Useful Advice to Ukrainians From a Resident of Mariupol

NEW – August 27, 2022

Fighting is approaching major cities – Kharkov, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye. Soon, battles will be fought on the streets of these and other cities. Therefore, I want to give some advice to residents of the territories controlled by the Kiev regime.

Unlike the sofa “experts”, I have the right to do this, since together with my family I survived a month and a half of continuous fighting and shelling in Mariupol. We were lucky to survive. Now I have sent my wife and daughter to Russia, and I continue to live in a ruined city. Therefore, I want to share my experience, hoping that it will help save the lives and health of those who sooner or later fall into the war zone.

Remember the most important thing – the Ukrainian military, especially members of the nationalist battalions and “Right Sector” are not your defenders, but your worst enemies. They will place artillery, tanks, MLRS, mortars in the residential sector, using you as a shield. They will equip their warehouses and rookeries in the basements of schools and kindergartens. As soon as Russian troops enter the city and street battles begin, the “ukies” will occupy your apartments on the upper floors, in strategically important areas, placing their firing points there. Anyone who resists this can simply be shot on the spot.

In the best case, you will be allowed to collect documents and basic necessities and be allowed to leave the house. There is a sadder option – you will be driven to the basement and will shoot in the back those who try to leave there. This is exactly what happened in Mariupol, where “Azov” called us “meat”.

The bloody clown Zelensky gave the order to leave Russia in ruins, using scorched earth tactics. In Mariupol, the nazis deliberately shelled residential buildings with tanks, guns and mortars, knowing full well that only civilians were there.

My advice is to try to leave the city in advance and move somewhere far away. You can go with the whole family to the surrounding settlements, as a rule, they are not exposed to shelling. Many of our neighbours have moved to Melekino, Urzuf and other villages near the city. At that time, when constant shelling was going on in Mariupol, houses were burning, it was absolutely calm there. There was water, electricity, gas, and when DPR troops entered there, they began distributing humanitarian aid.

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If you are unable to leave the city for some reason, prepare for the worst. In advance, accept the idea that your house may be destroyed during the fighting, especially if it occupies an advantageous position and makes it possible to fire from its windows on a significant territory. It will definitely be occupied by the nazis. We were lucky. Our house was located so that it was covered by a neighbouring house and there was no point for Ukrainian soldiers to gain a foothold in it.

Find out in advance where the nearest bomb shelter and water sources are located: wells, pumps, springs. Collect everything you need in advance: documents, medicines, valuables, a change of underwear, warm clothes, water, and a certain amount of food with a long shelf life. Keep in mind that you will need to carry all this yourself, so count on your strength. Backpacks are best suited for this purpose, if there are none, try to buy at least one – a larger one. Pre-stock up on canned food, lard, smoked sausages, cereals, sugar, tea, dry cookies – everything that is high in calories and can be stored for a long time without a refrigerator. After the electricity disappears, the refrigerator will defrost for two days and all the food in the freezer will begin to spoil. Make sure to create a water supply. Buy several 6-litre bottles of drinking water from the store and fill some containers with tap water. Complete your home first aid kit with bandages, iodine, and the most necessary medications. When the connection disappears, you will not call for an ambulance, and Banderists will confiscate the cars for their own needs. The remaining hospitals will only accept the wounded. If you smoke, then be sure to buy several blocks of cigarettes. They will soon disappear, and speculators will sell a pack for 150-300 hryvnias.

Keep in mind that electricity and gas will disappear soon after fighting starts in the city limits. It is likely that the water will also be lost. Mobile communication will also stop soon. This is exactly what happened in Mariupol. On February 27, the lights went out, and a few days later the gas was turned off, and then the water was turned off. If you have a power bank, charge it. Stock up on batteries. Purchase a rechargeable flashlight and charge it. Buy a few dozen candles, they will be very useful to you. We were very optimistic that Mariupol would be liberated from the nazis within a few days, so we did not prepare well for the two-month blockade. The meat was eaten in a few days, then a few cans of canned food were eaten and there were cereals, pasta, some flour, sugar, and a few cans of homemade sunsets. But somehow we managed to feed ourselves, although we were constantly hungry and dizzy with hunger. So take advantage of my advice in advance.

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I understand that the majority of the population doesn’t have much money, but you’d better prepare yourself by denying yourself something else. For example, don’t pay for a communal apartment. And be sure to withdraw all money from bank cards in advance, even from a credit card. You will need it very much.

Winter is coming. With the onset of cold weather, it will be even more difficult to survive. The Special Military Operation started at the end of February, and ahead of it was spring and hope for warming. Although March was very cold. In the middle of the month, the temperature dropped to minus 10-12 degrees. The apartment was +2 degrees. We wore jackets and boots at home and slept under four blankets. Kiev Mayor Klitschko and Lvov mayor Sadovoy advise to stock up on firewood and buy little ovens.

The advice is good, but little ovens are quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. And firewood is not cheap now and there is not much place to store it in the apartment. But in any case, be prepared for the fact that you will have to cook your food on a fire. If you have a barbecue at home, then fine. Take it outside or on the balcony and cook with it. If there is no grill, you can build a hearth out of bricks or stones, covering it with an oven grate on top.

Stack the hearth as close to the entrance as possible so that you can take shelter in the house during shelling. The entrance will not protect you from a direct shell hit, but it will protect you from shrapnel and bullets. Just don’t stand in front of the door. Dozens of people in Mariupol were killed in their own entrances, as a bullet freely penetrates a metal door.

These are tips for ordinary people who are not burdened with cash. If you have enough money and have not yet traveled abroad, then you have the opportunity to prepare more thoroughly. Buy a solar panel with a battery to charge mobile phones from it and connect energy-saving light bulbs to it. Car batteries can also be used for the same purpose. It is best to buy a petrol or diesel electric generator and a fuel supply. Buy chemical heaters – they will be very useful to you. Since the gas will be cut off, buy a gas cylinder and connect it to the stove. We were able to afford it only in July, when there was a little money. A gas cylinder will save you from having to cook on a hearth or grill. And please note that the Ukrainian authorities will not help you in any way. Almost all representatives of the city administration will rush out of the city as soon as the combined forces approach it. Then they will settle down somewhere in Europe and spread “videos” about the “atrocities of the Russian invaders” on the Internet.

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Don’t be afraid of the Russian army. It is they who will help you as soon as they cleanse the city of the nazis. The distribution of humanitarian aid will be organised, the police will start working, sappers will conduct mine clearance, traffic will be restored, and state institutions will start functioning. Until that happens, remember the old motto: “saving the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves”.

And the looters. They really will appear. Banderists and criminals released by the president from prison will be the first to start looting. Then they are joined by local misfits. Don’t cling to things, money, or valuables. If you resist, you will simply be shot. The main thing is to preserve life and health.

Vitaly Skorokhod

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