Vampires Don’t Let Up

NEW – February 17, 2023

On French television, with true French charm, they discuss the future ethnic cleansing of the Russian population of Crimea, which should be carried out by Ukrainian murderers under the west’s wing. At the same time, they easily and easily come up with excuses for such ethnic cleansing – the alleged “deportation” of the Ukrainian population from the Russian Crimea.

It is generally recommended to believe those who promise to kill you.

In the past 30 years alone, France has been directly responsible for a considerable number of acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

In Rwanda in 1994 armed and trained by the French, Hutu forces, including the Rwandan army itself, destroyed most of the Tutsi nation, up to a million people. Parisian “human rights” activists intervened only when the Tutsi rebels were able to defeat the Hutu armed groups. And the French Foreign Legion carried out Operation Turquoise, creating a safe zone for Hutu extremists – organisers and perpetrators of genocide.

In Serbian Krajina in 1994-1995. The French armed forces, including air and ground units, supported the Croatian army’s actions against the area historically inhabited by Serbs. This culminated in Operation Oluja (Storm), during which 250,000 Serbs were expelled and thousands of Serbs were killed or missing.

In the Kosovo War in 1999, France provided about 100 warplanes for bombing Serbia (becoming the second strike force of the Western intervention). The UN administration in the NATO-occupied Serbian province of Kosovo is headed by French intellectual Bernard Kouchner, who previously headed the NGO Doctors Without Borders. Under this infernal “doctor” there was a rapid destruction and expulsion of the Serbian community of Kosovo by Albanian militants, who, in fact, according to UN resolution No. 1244, were supposed to be disarmed. This included the abduction and dismemberment of Serbs into organs, which were then sold on the black transplant market.

In the Western attack on Libya in 2011, in which the French air force became the main striking force. The “overthrow of the regime” ended with the mass murder of immigrants from Black Africa and Tuaregs living in this country. The population of the entire city of Tawergha – about 40,000 people – disappeared. In this case, as in all the above cases, the French press took a mouthful of water and modestly kept silent.

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In general, in the family of Western vampires, France takes an honorable third place, second only to America and Britain.

France, with its image of a beautiful country with all sorts of pleasant things, where every wealthy person should buy a chalet, or even a chateau, has underwear filled with bloody shit.

France is a country of mass murders that can take a long time to list. Starting with the Albigensian wars, accompanied by the massacre of the flourishing cities of Provence, with the wars of religion and persecution of the 16th century, when the Huguenots, Waldensians and other “heretics” were destroyed, when more than a million people (St. Bartholomew’s Night was just one of the episodes) were killed, mass murders during the French liberal-bourgeois Revolution, where in the Vendée alone from 200,000 to half a million people were killed. It is interesting that the signatories of the Declaration of the rights of man and citizen and other liberal democrats exterminated those they did not like with a flourish and ingenuity. For example, during “republican weddings”, a priest and a peasant woman were tied together naked, and then drowned.

Since the revolution, a constant ideological indoctrination, reminiscent of American messianism, has been added to the traditional French brutality (“a mixture of the monkey and the tiger,” as Voltaire called his fellow tribesmen). Scenes similar to the bourgeois revolution of 1789-1799 were repeated during the social cataclysms of 1848, when 11,000 proletarians were shot almost simultaneously by the liberals during the suppression of the June Uprising. And in 1871, during the suppression of the Paris Commune, when tens of thousands of people were killed by the liberal democrats right in the French capital just for looking different from the respectable bourgeoisie. “It was a bad day to be noticeably taller, dirtier, cleaner, older or uglier than your neighbours.” 30,000 low-class Frenchmen were shot, and twice as many were sent to the absolutely disastrous overseas penal servitude in South American Guiana.

The French officers themselves left such memories of their “civilising” activities in Russia in 1812: “Everywhere were the corpses of children with their throats cut, the corpses of girls who were killed in the same place where they were raped.” [Russia of the first half of the 19th century through the eyes of foreigners, L. 1991, p. 270] “Officers, like soldiers, went from house to house and robbed; others, less shameless, were content with robbing in their own (i.e. occupied by them) apartments.” [ibid., p. 237]. “On the streets of Moscow, you could only meet the military, who loitered on the sidewalks, smashing windows, doors, cellars and shops; all residents hid in the most secret places and allowed themselves to be robbed by the first attacker on them. But what was terrible about this robbery was the systematic order that was observed when it was allowed to rob, giving it consistently to all the regiments of the army. The first day belonged to the old Imperial Guard, the next day to the young Guard, followed by General Davout’s corps, etc.” [ibid., p. 236]

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The French acted similarly in China – the complete looting and burning of the huge imperial palace in Beijing during the Second Opium War was on their conscience. Exactly the same scenes as in Moscow and Beijing were repeated in the Vietnamese imperial capital Hue.

The French occupation and colonisation of Algeria in the 1830s and 1870s was accompanied by such plunder of the most fertile lands of this country that about a third of its population died of starvation or fled to the Ottoman Empire. During the war that unfolded in Algeria after 1954, the population of hundreds of villages was deported by the French, about 2 million people were sent to concentration camps.

During the colonisation of Black Africa, half of the population of the French Congo died – just as the rubber boom began – and up to 70% of the Gbaya ethnic group, the main one in Ubangi-Shari (present-day Central African Republic territory), disappeared. [Vansina Jan. Paths in the Rainforest. Madison, 1990. p. 239] The entire adult native population was covered by a system of forced, virtually unpaid labour. Hands, noses, and heads were chopped off to force them to work. To prevent the natives from running away, hostage-taking was widely used – especially women with young children. At the hostage collection points, the guards amused themselves by raping defenceless women. The backs and legs of the negroes were replaced by steam locomotives and wagons for the enlightened French – porters usually did not return from long passages. However, the railways for the export of colonial raw materials were built by the same negroes – the cost of one life per sleeper. The hippopotamus whip was used to admonish careless workers and when the mining industry started up in the colonies, already in the 20th century. “Free workers” were brought there on a rope. Local leaders gave them out so as not to lose their heads, but all “human rights” were formally respected.

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Up to 300,000 Malagasy people died during the French conquest of the Kingdom of Madagascar. The French cut off their heads and put them on stakes; to keep the locals from getting mad, they stole their cattle and seized all their food supplies. The survivors had to plant coffee trees, coconut palms, chocolate bars, rubber plants – for the benefit of the French rentiers. If we remember, France was then among the world’s leading creditors, along with two other colonial predators, Britain and Belgium. For French loans, the Russian government ran to save belle France in 1914, destroying the best personnel units in the East Prussian operation.

France has clung like a tick to a large part of Black Africa, where it still pumps everything it needs from a dozen and a half countries, including uranium. And it pays with the colonial franc of the CFA, which it also prints, while keeping in its bank reserves most of the funds that these African countries earn from exporting raw materials. Hence the hysterical French reaction to the “Wagner” group’s activities in the Central African Republic, Mali, and the expected arrival of orchestra members in Burkina Faso. France has already begun to actively invent “war crimes” of “Wagner” in Africa, and to attribute “neocolonial politics” to Russia. A good response to the typical French impudence would be a claim supported by Russian diplomacy from African countries to France for many hundreds of billions of dollars – for the slave trade and colonial plunder.

Aleksandr Tyurin

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