Vasfi Sel: Ukrainian Child Nazis and the Media

By Vasfi Sel

Recently the Turkish and Western media took an interest in some news – children’s Nazi camps in Ukraine hit the headlines. 
Actually, this isn’t breaking news. Half of the world has simply buried their heads in the sand in relation to this situation. So we understand that Turkish and Western media have opened their eyes only now.

The nationalist movement that has become widespread due to the actions of Maidan in Ukraine is becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day and has starting to appeal to a wider audience. Previously we saw this disease in young people who are in their 20’s. Now it is also seen in children.


Children who are unaware of what is happening in their country are subjected to a series of military training exercises in places such as the Lidercamp. In this camp children, who are trained with pump-action rifles, are taught to overcome obstacles in various military training courses. After learning about how to remove and re-assemble Kalashnikovs with hardcore punk and punk rock music, they think that they play various games with hymns that are describing the ideology of Nazism. They are advised to give the Nazi salute to the children every day, whilst at the same time covering their faces with masks. The capacity of the “Lider” Camp is limited to 200 children and each child is trained in the camp for 20 days.

However, the noteworthy point here is that the Turkish and Western media are now including these issues in their headlines, since previously they were silent about the game of Ukraine with Nazism.

What was the reason for sharing “objectionable” information about Turkey’s strategic partner and Europe’s border post against Russia?

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The radicalism and Nazism in Ukraine was neither today’s news nor the news of yesterday. Was it decided that this rogue order should now be taken under control?

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