Vasilets: The “Crimes” I Committed to Warrant Being Jailed by the SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


I long could not understand why I was arrested and kept in jail for a year, what exactly is my fault? The official accusation about “assisting the channel Novorossiya TV” is utter delirium that doesn’t correlate to sane logical analysis. But then I thought about it and realized that I after all am still guilty and I am guilty of a lot, so I decided to list all of the main “crimes” that I, to be honest, am proud of.

1. I dared to create journalistic projects, the purpose of which was to form the citizens’ immunity to propaganda, to nullify the manipulations and lies of TV channels, to critically perceive the information in the media. Such a “set up” of owners of television (who are at the same time oligarchs), apparently, couldn’t forgive me for it. I mean my projects “Museum of war information”, “Media Lustration”, “What the media is silent about”, “Commission for the protection of the rights of consumers of information products”.

2. I was financially independent due to the income of my business, therefore, nobody could influence the content of my journalistic projects, but how they tried… That’s why, I realised especially at Channel 17 that they only helped me fulfil these projects, and did not specify what the content should be, for which there is many thanks to them, especially to Aleksey Kutepov. Due to my financial independence and support from adequate journalists of Channel 17, all attempts to suppress or buy my independent journalistic and human rights activities ended in fiasco. So the SBU had to arrest me and raze my business in the Internet sphere to the ground. In turned that in both in folk wisdom and in life that the most dangerous to the SBU is a man who does not need money but that has a purpose.

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3. Also, I went against the will of our “Dictator Poroshenko” and his godfather, the Minister of Information Policy Yury Stets, when they began to establish censorship in the media and develop propaganda “technologies”, and me, as the first Deputy of the public Council, with my associates, by all means strongly resisted the establishment of the dictatorship in the media, explaining to Minister Stets and the public that resources need to be spent on creative projects that contribute to the creation of immunity against propaganda and carry the message of peace, and not lies, black propaganda, and a monopoly of the truth and censorship! And as is already known, the “regime”, without hesitation, with the help of SBU, got rid of principle public figures, having arresting me, and intimidated others.

4. Another “crime” I committed was when I dared to file a lawsuit of UAH 100,000 against the Soros “mouthpiece of Maidan” – TV channel “Hromadske TV” – for inciting enmity and hatred in our country, which obviously prevented “Hromadske TV” from pitting citizens of Ukraine against themselves. All the materials proving this fact are on the website of Media-Lustration.

5. Also, in the box of “devious crimes” it is safe to write down the invasion of the field of evaluation of the media and journalists. For 25 years the right to determine who is a “good” journalist and who is “bad” belonged exclusively to foreign-funded little offices like “Telekritiki”, the “Commission on the ethics of journalism”, “Institute of mass information”, and other corrupt lovers of uncontrolled foreign money. Having analyzing this situation, I and my colleagues established the journalistic anti-prize of Goebbels, by which we dared to interfere with foreign-funded little offices to recruit our journalists and encourage propagandists and liars and warmongers! That’s why for my arrest, part of foreign-funded little offices and their owners would “sell their soul” or would pay a lot.

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I can still continue the list of my “crimes” for a long time, but alas they, for the SBU, violate the law, and only the interests of foreign enemies of Ukraine and the clans of oligarchs, who monopolized the central media, for this reason, the SBU invented delirium about “assisting the channel Novorossiya TV”, and arrested me under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. In short, it turns out that for the “regime” I am an “information serial maniac terrorist”, and for the citizens of Ukraine – decide for yourself who I am.


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