Vasilets From Jail: Not Caving in to the SBU Means Guilty!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


No. 31. Not caving in to the SBU means guilty!

After my arrest, 11 months ago, the employees of the Zhitomir SBU longly and stubbornly were inducing me to speak to the camera, or at least in written form to give a false incriminating testimony against Channel 17. According to them the leadership of channel 17 was aiding and abetting “terrorists” under the control of the curators of the FSB, and other nonsense. They were promising me “mountains of gold” that they will change the article of the accusation and will release from prison, and that they will give back the passports of my pensioner parents, which were seized, and that they will quietly close my case, — like “give us a false testimony”, like “this will help national security”, otherwise they promised they will never release me, that they’ll decide with the judges to give me a term in prison and will arrange intolerable conditions there.

I made my choice, I noted down all their crazy demands and it handed over via an open letter through a lawyer to the guys on channel 17 for publication in order for the people of Ukraine to know what rare “devils” work in the Zhitomir SBU, and how they want to punish channel 17 where I am working. The reference to an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s office from the channel.

In short, after the statement was read out to the public, SBU employees, having seen that I didn’t cave in, but even made their working methods known to the public, they are very “offended” by me, and haven’t let me out of prison so far (almost a year), despite the complete absence of any circumstances for my detention. Especially vividly,  the SBU it showed at the last two meetings — the 3rd and the 6th October 2016, where according to the law, I had to be released! But for unknown reasons a dozen employees of the Zhitomir SBU came to the court, who in the jury deliberation room “explained” to the judges that they cannot release me, and that the law is “a loose concept, like the tongue”, and of course, the judges obeyed, having broken as a result multiple laws. It’s funny that the SBU employees did not hide the fact that they have full control over the judges, and this fact was able to observed by journalists and public figures, which came to court to support me. Visibly, the Zhitomir SBU employees have full confidence in their impunity!

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So, SBU employees fully embody their threats, I am still sat in jail, for what reason is unknown, in the most difficult conditions, and it is unclear when the persecution against me will cease. They still have not returned the passports to the pensioner parents. Basically, what I want to say is that I will never cooperate with this SBU scum, despite their “attempts”, sooner or later they will be made to answer for the repression that they unleashed, and if our “in-the-SBU’s-pocket” court will not exonerate me!


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