Vasily Volga: The Leprous Island of Ukrainian Nazism Desecrated The Soviet “Monument of Glory” in Lvov

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga

Lvov. The Monument of Glory. Stryiska Street. A group of “activists” desecrated a monument. The first beast, probably the leader of them, reads out a “verdict”.


Nobody hinders them. They are with hammers and axes.

The inscription to “Defeaters of Nazism” tormented them long ago. Every day when they walked or drove past, this place burned their black souls. After all, they knew very well that they – Nazis – weren’t fully defeated, that they weren’t finished off to the end, that they indeed exist. Here they are – a whole pack. But here there is this inscription…

I watched a video that shows another “activist” smashing the letters off the granite with an axe. Every blow, like on the heart.

They “cleansed” the granite. And now there is the painted inscription: “Monument to occupant”. Now in their monkey brains everything is correct. The soviet soldier is no longer the liberator. After all, it’s not he whom they greeted with bread and salt. They greeted “theirs” with bread and salt. Those who were coming from the other side. They greeted them with a “sieg heil”. They swore fidelity to and hung Jews and teachers for them. They don’t need teachers. The pack has different laws. For the sake of their “New Ukrainian order” they bled on the streets of Lvov and filled Babi Yar with corpses. They were “liberating” the land from people. They needed space for non-humans. Today they succeeded to do it. And already nobody resists them.

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Territory of leprous. City of Lvov. Stryiska Street.

“Look how yesterday in Lvov b*stards from the movement ‘OUN’ desecrated a memorial to the ‘Defeaters of Nazism’ – a monument to millions of people who gave their lives and health in the fight against the most terrible evil on Earth. The vandals did it openly without hiding from anyone, without being afraid of law enforcement bodies.”

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