Vasily Volga: The Bloodthirsty Ukrainian “Writers” Who Revel in the Kemerovo Tragedy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga

The terrible tragedy in Kemerovo once again stirred the morbidly brainwashed part of the Ukrainian internet.

It is terrifying to read certain “writers” who revel in someone else’s grief. The amount of support is even more horrifying: the number of likes and the number of bloodthirsty comments made under the posts of these unrealised (or those who already managed to realise themselves) sadists.

Ukrainian Reserve Colonel Konstantin Grunchik shared the post of Yury Butusov (editor of the odious “” website) and added the following text: 

“Such events and information, as Yury Butusov wrote, about the deaths of 26 innocent children from 4 to 12 years old, can’t but cause spiritual shock in a normal person!

At the same time, bombed children’s homes and hospitals, destroyed cities in Syria, children killed in Donbass, Tskhinvali, the decision of their stupid Duma for the introduction of troops in Ukraine, the faces of orphans at the funeral of their parents, who defended their native Ukrainian land, and many other things spring to mind.

How not to remember the boy who ‘went’ to Allah to ask for punishment for such things.

In addition, if my memory serves me correctly, one of the odious pilots was from Kemerovo.

Although this isn’t that important!

In other words, while these beasts will continue to do such evil all over the world, I personally will not enjoy such things, but in my heart I will understand that the law of the ‘boomerang’ works.

Everything is seen in the sky, and if, for example, a weak Ukraine, Georgia, or Syria is not able to behave like America or Israel, then punishment also hits the most dear and unprotected place.

And this should be kept in mind by our idiots that are currently in power.

That’s why killing, stealing, betraying, capturing other people’s lands… everyone should understand that there will be payback, and the way of the world is that usually punishment happens through the family, children, grandchildren, the dearest people, and when the scales of evil are too great, then it is everyone who will pay!

What do you think, maybe I’m wrong, that everything is under God?”

Where did they crawl out from? Do they have children themselves? How can they rejoice in the horrible death of the ten-year-old girl who managed to send a message to her mother with the last words of love? How can they rejoice in the deaths of so many children and shout about their joy to the whole world? Are they indeed not afraid of neither God nor a boomerang? Is it possible that they don’t care about their children? Or maybe they hate their children and wish them the same death?

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It seems that it is impossible for a human to understand this.

But maybe it just seems to be like this? Maybe this is indeed the European essence? Maybe it is precisely this hatred and desire to kill for the sake of their own interests that unites Ukrainian “patriots” with Europe?

The Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese massacred fifty million indigenous people of the New World.

The British killed more than ten million Indians during their colonial rule in India.

The French committed the genocide of the Vietnamese.

The Japanese committed the genocide of the Chinese people.

Ukrainians committed the genocide of Poles.

The English committed the genocide of the Irish.

All Europeans collectively subjected Africans to the slave trade, turning black people into a product for three consecutive centuries, depriving them of their right to be human, killing them at the first whim, and creating the wealth of the “new” America using their slave labor.

The Holocaust.

The Americans, i.e. these same Spaniards, Portuguese, Dutch, and British who became Americans after the extermination of the indigenous population of America, before our eyes already  committed the genocide of the Iraqis. They killed more than one million people and destroyed a newly prosperous State. Under a far-fetched pretext they staged a high-tech genocide, using people to test new types of weapons in parallel.

Under a far-fetched pretext! This is something that they subsequently admitted themselves – just casually, in passing. After all, who will condemn them? They don’t give one iota. All other nations have “short hands”.

Maybe this is indeed the true deep essence of Europe, which connects Ukraine’s sadists with them? Birds of a feather flock together. Maybe this is the reason for their [Ukrainians – ed] civilised choice” [Maidan – ed].

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Russians, I will not ask you for forgiveness for them. Humans mustn’t be forgiven for such things – this is God’s work. Once again, please accept our condolences.

Condolences from the healthy part of the Ukrainian people. From my family, from me, and from millions of unaffected [non-brainwashed – ed] people like us.

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