Vasily Volga: The Day of the Death of Joseph Stalin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga

I behave cautiously towards the idea of the transmigration of souls.

Plato believed in it. He also said that Socrates believed in it. Buddhists live by it, and even Origen, one of the first teachers of the Church, believed in the resettlement of souls.

We do not know what Stalin believed in, except that he repeatedly declared himself to be a materialist. I in general don’t believe that 100% materialists exist. Even Feuerbach, with his “The Essence of Christianity”, and even Lenin with his “militant materialism”.

As the Apostle Paul once said, “For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him?”. Nobody knows. So we also can’t know for certain what Stalin believed in.

Yesterday (March 5th) was the Day of his death.

Back then, in 1953, the huge country that defeated Nazi Europe, and which restored its national economy at an unprecedented speed, was shaken by this news.

I was fortunate enough to talk to many people who already even back then, in 1953, were adults who had passed through the War and worked for the restoration of the Great Country. I talked to people who in that year were regular officers, workers, sailors, engineers, teachers, and doctors. I talked to smart and strong people who proved their strength with their own lives. None of the people who I personally spoke to said a single bad word about Stalin. They spoke about him with respect, some of them with admiration, but all of them with gratitude.

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When Stalin died, the Great Country plunged into mourning. Faith in this man was so great and love for him was so sincere that the grief experienced by the people was sometimes even deeper than the grief over a deceased relative.

I belong to a generation that was already sufficiently fed, even in Soviet times, with the “cult of personality”. And of course, I, like many of my peers, avidly read the liberal press of the 90’s, which glorified capitalism and in various ways flung dirt at socialism, and, of course, at Stalin.

And I repeatedly asked those people who were already at a conscious age at the time of Stalin’s burial why they grieved over his death so much? And these smart, strong, deserved people told me back then: “You won’t understand”. Maybe they were right.

In order to fully understand the greatness of that time, the greatness of the feat of people who lived then, and to understand the scale of the man who led the Great Country back then, we – “independent Ukrainians” – were destined to live for three decades, i.e., as long as Stalin led the Soviet Union, under “new authorities”, under “fashionable authorities”, under the authorities of crooks, who appropriated absolutely everything that was created by those great people. It so happened that we had to live in the shameful era of the restoration of capitalism, just to see what, in reality, their babble about “freedom” and the “cult of personality” resulted in. The cult of Dollar reigned in society, and their “freedom” proved to be the slavery of poverty.

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Today I understand why back then, in March 1953, strong people cried about the death of a Great man. They wept because they apprehended that the b*stards who didn’t even dare to raise their heads against the people in his presence will later come to replace him. And sure enough, they’ve come [leaders of Ukraine post 1991 – ed]. In the thirty years that Stalin created a Great Power from a poor peasant country, these “new” ones were able to show only an unprecedented rate of robbery. In this they are, indeed, great specialists.

I behave cautiously towards the idea of the transmigration of souls. But sometimes I think: “God damn it! After all, it wouldn’t be bad. After all, he is oh so needed by us now”. Because we, being weak, apparently can’t cope with this Hydra, with all this capitalist evil.

March 5th. The Day of the death of Joseph Stalin.

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