Vasily Volga: The Enemy in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga


And I will not beat them. I am simply forced to define my position, since the circumstances demand it.

For me today Poroshenko, Gritsak, the SBU, and all other riff-raff controlled by the president are state criminals and enemies of Ukraine. These people brought deprivation, unemployment, grief, blood, and squalor to Ukraine. At the same time they, of course, manyfold enriched themselves on Ukrainian grief.

Today I and many other Ukrainians am pursued for dissent and for having a different faith [Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate – ed]. The SBU in large quantities carries out searches, initiates criminal cases, and sets radicals on priests, politicians, public figures, and journalists.

The faithful companion of the president Vasily Gritsak leads this work.

Leaders of radicals threaten with murders and urge all “Maidan activists” to kill the “fifth column”. I.e. to kill those who, according to them, are against war against Russia, who represent the “Kremlin project”, who are for the “Russian world” and don’t love Ukraine. 

Some modern Ukrainian politicians declaring their opposition viewpoint consider it to be appropriate and even absolutely possible to appeal to Vasily Gritsak so that he, using all the power of the department controlled by him, falls upon the “fifth column” and destroys the “hand of the Kremlin”. Some of them even hint to him where to look for them.

I cannot understand such things.

For me Gritsak is an enemy.

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Today he, together with Poroshenko, carries out mass repression against a huge part of the population of his own country. And to appeal to him with a request to strengthen this repression and, in addition, hinting where exactly these same dissidents hide themselves and also publicly calling to punish them! It’s beyond me.

It seems to me that people acting in this way put themselves in the same rank as those they appeal to and asked to strengthen repression.

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