Vasily Volga: Ukraine Refuses to Condemn Nazism in the UN

The UN once again adopted a resolution condemning the revival of Nazism, condemning the glorification of Nazi criminals, their accomplices, and those who today fuel ethnic strife and xenophobia.

121 countries voted “Yes”, 55 countries abstained, 2 countries voted “No”.

Thus is the way the human world works: you can have only three points of view on an issue. You may agree, you may disagree, or you may say you haven’t figured it out yet, or you don’t understand it, or you need more advice, or something else to lie and abstain. I.e., you may have your opinion, but showing it is inappropriate. You might be ashamed to show what you really think. It will show that you are, of course, a scoundrel, but at least still have some scraps of conscience left. You might still be ashamed.

The United States and we – Ukraine – voted against the condemnation of Nazism.

States never had such shame. After killing one million Iraqis just because Dick Cheney and Bush Jr. did business on Iraqi oil, they firmly and surely showed the world precisely what kind of instrument they put in place concerning questions of conscience and international law.

We, Ukrainians, have never been scum. Except only those of us who somewhere in the west received Nazis with bread and salt and joined the auxiliary police. But this wasn’t us. They were degenerates of an unknown breed. We, Ukrainians, were never scum.

But for some reason, our government today has decided to demonstrate to the world that we are also as shameless scum like America.

It’s interesting. How did this happen? Our president was informed that the UN is considering issues against Nazis.

He was probably told “Hey, Vladimir! There, at the UN, they will vote against Nazis. What do you think about that?”, and he probably said “Oh! Class. It must be supported. We’re a civilised country. We are against Nazism.”

Then he was probably told again: “Oh… Vladimir … Here’s the thing. They are against the revival of Nazism. And our, to put it mildly, all National Druzhina and everything… “

Vladimir thought for a minute, looked at Avakov, jokingly said something, and asked: “Who was the author of this resolution there? Not the Russians by any chance?”

He was immediately answered by our representatives to the United Nations: “That’s right! They’re sons of bitches.”

And Vladimir ruled: “So it is a hybrid war. It’s a hybrid Resolution. How are our friends from Washington?”

Vladimir had only just asked about Washington, and his phone immediately rang: “Hello! Vladimir? It’s your friends from Washington. There the Russians again came up with some kind of dirt against Nazism, so we would like you to know that we will never support anything that is directed against freedom, Nazism, and democracy.”

Vladimir straightened out, bloomed into a smile and answered the phone: “I understood, master! We’re brothers forever! Ukrainians and Ku Klux Klan!”, and hung up.

So it must have been…

Ukraine has lost all shame. Long ago.

We lost our conscience as soon as we started to install street plaques for the glory of Bandera along the whole of Moskovsky Avenue in the glorious city of Kiev. Now it’s too late to complain.

It was possible to vote to condemn Nazism, i.e. by voting in favour of the Resolution. It was possible to abstain. And it is possible to vote for Nazism. To do this, it was necessary to vote against the Resolution.

Ukraine voted for Nazism.

Vasily Volga, Ukrainian public figure

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