Vatutin Avenue in Kiev was renamed to Shukhevych Avenue

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Today at the Kiev City Council session Deputies renamed Vatutin Avenue, which goes along the Desniansky and Dniprovsky districts of the capital. It was assigned the name of the member of OUN and the commander of UPA Roman Shukhevych with 69 votes.

Last year the draft decision on renaming successfully underwent public discussions, although there were many opponents (55%, or 3165 votes “for”, and 45%, or 2627 votes “against”). The question was even submitted for a December session, but at that time there weren’t enough votes for decision-making.

Roman Shukhevych’s son, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yury Shukhevych thanked the Deputies of the City Council for this decision. Then the Kiev City Council session was adjourned.

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