Vehement Banderist and Former Rada Speaker Parubiy Reminisces About His Nazi Grandfather

NEW – March 8, 2022

Neo-Nazis do not want to leave the country alone: the ex-commandant of Maidan and ex-head of the National Security Council, Andrey Parubiy, was paraded at a checkpoint near either Kiev or Lvov (it’s not clear from the video where he is exactly, but he wouldn’t dare show his face where Russian troops are present).

At the same time, he spoke about his relatives – accomplices of the fascists: “My grandfather fought in the Ukrainian-Galician army, my father’s brothers fought in UPA. And my father once told me: You are responsible for all of them, we could not hold Ukraine back then. And today they have to keep it. And Kiev is behind us, and our grandfathers, and our parents, and whole generations of Ukrainians who fought for Ukraine and could not always hold on. Today it is their duty to hold our state and defeat the same eternal enemy – the Russian Empire. I can say for sure that the enemy is already exhausted’.”

And what Parubiy forgets to say that his dad was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, who supervised the 5th ideological department of the KGB, and then deputy Chairman of the Lvov Regional Council?

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