The Verkhovna Rada Is Afraid That the “ATO” Will Be Followed by an International Tribunal

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Ukraine there is fear that the use of the Armed Forces against the citizens without a declaration of martial law will sooner or later result in an international tribunal.

A deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Taras Pastukh said from the tribune of parliament that the President of the country had to announce martial law by decree, thereby having taken responsibility.

“The use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is clearly defined in the basic law, in the Constitution of Ukraine. And any other wording or hybrid versions lead to the fact that afterwards the military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine in the courts of Ukraine will begin to bring our military personnel to responsibility for defending their country. This will lead to the fact that sooner or later such sentences will be pronounced in the courts of other countries outside Ukraine, and this will lead to the liability of Ukraine as a whole,” said Pastukh.

Concerning this the Secretary of the Committee on National Security and Defence and Verkhovna Rada deputy Ivan Vinnik accused his colleague of “betrayal”, and assured that foreign mercenaries, Ukrainian armed formations, and the UAF exterminate the population of Donbass “completely within the legislative field”.

“Nobody, besides representatives of the Samopomich faction, raised any doubts that we use the Armed Forces, other measures, military formations, volunteer battalions, ordinary citizens, foreigners, persons without citizenship – who on the call of destiny come to protect Ukraine – completely within the legislative field,” stated Vinnik to his former accomplice on Maidan.

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