Verkhovna Rada Deputy Proposed to Legalise “Patriotism Tests” for Donbass Residents

Translated by Nikita Che


The Verkhovna Rada intends to adopt legislation that will make Donbass residents, should the uncontrolled areas be returned under the power of Kiev, take examinations on knowledge of the Ukrainian language, the nationalist interpretation of history, and “patriotism”. This was said by the Deputy Borislav Bereza during the talk show “Black Mirror”.

“We need to re-integrate this territory? Yes. And the people there – do we need to be re-integrate them? Of course. So will the legislation on the confirmation of citizenship hinder us? To be tested on the [Ukrainian] language, Ukrainian history, a whole set of necessary tests that would be demanded. And only after this will the person receive the right to vote. And this is the most vital issue that Ukraine must be interested in,” Bereza said.

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