Very Very Cunning Plan…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


And a droll scheme appears.

Semenchenko & Parasyuk blockaded the LDPR border. A grandiose scandal is inflated, and the country finds itself on the verge of a state of emergency.

But Poroshenko intervenes only after the USA…


…and the EU…

…show concern and discontent with the blockade.

Today Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky made a statement about providing assistance to the territories of Donbass occupied by Ukraine, emphasizing that they themselves don’t suffer from the blockade. On the contrary. Are they are ready to share their aid!


Furthermore, information arrives that the blockaders in Bakhmut are surrounded and most likely they will be beaten. Maybe even with feet.

“Participants of the blockade state that they are surrounded by Special Forces”

The degree of resistance between Poroshenko’s bots and betrayer-lovers on social networks is growing.

Because on Sunday there is Maidan, which can end with “beast beating”. This, of course, won’t add stability to Ukraine.

But what is interesting is that against the background of this, the LDPR can really not only return the lost positions, but also can be stationed there robustly. Not by means of shells, but with normal human relations to the population.

And, what is most important!!! Without any assistance from Russia. Just by themselves!

Like in Aleppo, where the final stage of cleansing of the city was carried out precisely by Assad’s army. To ensure the result, and to safeguard the status quo.

Igor Plotnitsky: “I want to say that we have never considered and will not consider temporarily occupied territories as lost for us. Those [areas] are our homeland, they are our native people, and they are temporarily under the occupation of fascist Ukraine, because today that is the regime that exists in Ukraine, as they decided, and by right, is called fascism. “We invite all our citizens, we have not forgotten about you. You do not have the February 23 holiday; you do not have the May 9 holiday. Come to us, you will have an opportunity to celebrate those old holidays with us that were historically formed in our land, on our territory, in the Russian world. “There are no contradictions between the LPR and DPR. We do not have any of the problems they put on us. And actually, you should trust official sources, not gossip that goes around.”

Alexander Zakharchenko: “Our brothers and sisters are there on that territory, and this message is to them, first of all. We have not forgotten about them, we remember our debt to Kramatorsk, Lisichansk. We remember our friends and brothers that were killed on the battlefields in those years. We remember hundreds, thousands of tortured people that were accused of separatism and terrorism. I think that world leaders, and especially in Europe, will start thinking about this, and I think that in the next few hours a big brain-storming session is going to start there, that will allow us to decide on something in four days.”

Who is author of the scheme?! It doesn’t matter. The most thing to receive is the needed result…

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The General Staff of the UAF counted losses since the beginning of anti-terrorist operation:

“Combat losses of Armed forces of Ukraine for this period is 2197 persons dead and about 8,000 wounded,” said Muzhenko at a meeting with military attaches of foreign states on Friday, February 17th.

And how many noncombat ones?! And civilians?!

I even don’t speak about the hidden losses and missing persons…

And all for the sake of what?! So that the LDPR offers humanitarian aid to those who Ukraine so desperately “defends”?!

Just a f*****g disaster! While Kiev’s hamsters still make wicked comments, without realizing that in such a way they will very soon get in line for begging the “separatists” for rations…

I never thought that I would personally observe how the country and the population systematically exterminates itself. Moreover – voluntarily and with songs…

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