Veteran of “Berkut” from Odessa Evacuated to Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The former officer of “Berkut” who rebuffed Ukrainian nationalists at the Russian consulate in Odessa was evacuated to Russia, saving him from Right Sector.
This story became known before New Year when Oleg Yefimov, the retired lieutenant colonel and former officer of “Berkut” have a rebuff to a group of Ukrainian nationalists trying to “systematically catch” those sympathizing with the tragedy of the Tu-154 in Sochi.

Many inhabitants of Odessa just after the air crash brought flowers and candles to the building of the Russian consulate, which very much displeased the local followers of Bandera.

They trashed the improvised place of memory, destroying flowers and messages with words of support. Later, nationalists staged a “round-up” of those who tried to lay flowers at the consulate again. One of those who wasn’t frightened of being attacked was Oleg Yefimov, who not only handed over flowers to the Russian diplomats, but also openly declared who he was.

“I am a veteran of “Berkut” special unit, a professional soldier, lieutenant colonel Yefimov, and I’m here because my favourite ensemble has died”.
Fighters of Right Sector couldn’t forgive the courage of the veteran of “Berkut”, they arranged harassment towards him not only on social networks, reported Yefimov was declared as “the enemy of Ukraine”, and all of his personal data, including his place of residence, was published.
Threats towards the officer began to arrive, and in such conditions the decision on his emergency evacuation from the territory of Ukraine was made.
Yefimov’s supporters, including the Russian businessman Alex Krepchinsky, who is already known for similar operations, organized a corridor through Moldova.
From Moldova, Oleg Yefimov left for Russia and  is now in safety.

“Right Sector” Harasses Berkut Veteran Who Brought Flowers to the Russian Consulate

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