Veteran With Soviet Symbols Defied the National Guard March in Zaporizhia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Zaporizhia a veteran of the Great Patriotic War wasn’t afraid to single-handedly oppose the National Guard of Ukraine, reports Russia 24. The pensioner stood in front of the armed ranks of guardsmen who prepared for a solemn march on the central square of the city, and confidently showed them the symbols of Russia and the USSR, whatever he could find.

The word “Russia” is written on his sports “olympic sweatshirt”, and the emblem of the Soviet Union is printed on a plastic bag.

During the whole time the nationalists went in rank, the pensioner raised a hand. The video was uploaded to YouTube, in particular, by the First Zaporizhia TV channel:

Local media is now full of news where the veteran is called “a provoker with communistic symbols”.

The Ukrainian users of social networks categorically don’t agree with this statement. They consider the brave old man to be a real hero and say that he is the most courageous resident of their city, who it is worth following the example of.

In Ukraine after Maidan war was declared on all communistic symbolics, and the policy of decommunization is pursued at the State level. Entrance to Ukraine is forbidden even because of St.George’s Ribbons now.

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