Veterans of UPA Will Be Given 500 Extra Hyrvnia From the Lvov Regional Budget

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


For the Day of Defender of Ukraine veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army will receive 500 hryvnia from the Lvov regional budget…

This was reported by the press service of the Lvov regional council. It was stated that in connection with the 75th anniversary of the creation of UPA for the Day of Defender of Ukraine on October 14th veterans of UPA, widows of members of the insurgent army, and political prisoners will in addition each receive 500 hryvnias of the help from the regional budget.

Such payments today became systemic and are provided by the comprehensive program of social help to some categories of citizens of the Lvov region for 2014-2017. For this purpose corresponding changes will need to be introduced to the regional budget after the specification of the need for funds for these purposes.

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army is the military wing of OUN — the Organizations of the Ukrainian Nationalists. Instead of fighting against German occupiers the fighters of UPA were directly involved in genocide of the Polish population in Ukraine, and their largest achievement is called by historians as the “Volyn Massacre“, when 150 Polish settlements were subjected to a simultaneous attack. The glorification of members of UPA, equating their status to participants of the Great Patriotic War, renaming of streets in their honor is rejected by the most part of the population of Ukraine. However, the authorities continue to follow the tastes of nationalists.

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As a reminder, in 2015 the authorities of Ukraine at the official level cemented the recognition of the merits of UPA members as liberators of the country along with veterans. Prominent politicians and officials openly express their ideological sympathies to this movement. And according to the decision of the government of Ukraine the Day of Defender of the Motherland was moved from February 23rd for October 14th — day of the founding of UPA.

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