Video and Photos From the Scene of Motorola’s Assassination

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The legendary militiaman met his death in full gear: the footage shows the blood-stained helmets, body armor, and weapons that the commander of “Sparta” and his bodyguard were wearing.

The video is from the scene of the murder of the commander of Special Forces DPR Arseny Pavlov (Motorola) and his security guard. In the video the body of the leader of “Sparta” has been carried out of the bloody elevator, and experts have begun to study the circumstances of the assassination of Motorola. The video was sent to the outlet by a correspondent of Life through the application LifeCorr.

Apparently, the militiaman met his death in his equipment and with full ammo. For two people – him and his bodyguard – they had a machine gun, a pistol, plenty of ammunition (including a grenade launcher), knives, and smoke grenades.


Motorola himself was in a helmet and a flak jacket, however, the powerful explosion left the legendary volunteer with no chance and destroyed the elevator, leaving the ceiling crumbled and walls cracked.

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