Vitaly Klitschko Inadvertently Admitted That Maidan Was a US-Backed Coup

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The protests in Venezuela are reminiscent of the events in the winter of 2014 in Ukraine — such an opinion was expressed by Vitaly Klitschko in his article for “Bild”. Juan Guaidó comes out and fights for the people, also like the leaders of “Maidan” in 2014, wrote the Ukrainian politician. In addition, one more parallel is the “interference of Russia”, which wants to prevent protests.

“When I watch on TV how Juan Guaidó fights for a better life in the country, I remember our revolution on Maidan in Kiev in the winter of 2014

wrote Vitaly Klitschko on the pages of the Bild magazine

Despite the fact that Venezuela is very far away, it is possible to draw surprising parallels between it and Ukraine, notes the Ukrainian politician. “Guaidó wants to win against corruption and establish democracy – ‘Maidan’ had same main objectives also. And, like us back then, Guaidó is threatened with arrest because he goes outside and fights for the people”.

Klitschko writes that Guaidó impresses him because he managed to unite the opposition against Nicolás Maduro. The mayor of Kiev accuses the president of Venezuela of allowing hunger in the country and also of trying to suppress protests by the use of violence.

In addition, one more parallel drawn by Klitschko lies in the interference of Russia: the politician accuses Moscow of having the desire to prevent the onset of freedom and democracy in Venezuela, since Maduro is “controlled” by Vladimir Putin.

Klitschko hopes that the EU will express further support for Guaidó and is also convinced that Venezuela needs new elections: “nobody can explain why people have to starve in a country with the largest reserves of oil in the world. I am completely convinced that if Guaidó wins elections, then poverty, at last, will be able to be overcome”.

The Kiev mayor also noted that the photos of empty Venezuelan shops and starving people reminded him of socialism, which he himself once lived through.

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