Vitaly Tretyakov: Poroshenko Is the Best Man for the Job of Disintegrating Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Moscow should not interfere with Petro Poroshenko’s victory in presidential elections, since the only exit from the current crisis is to allow the authorities of Ukraine destroy its statehood.

This was stated in the studio of the “Russia 1” channel by the Russian political scientist Vitaly Tretyakov.

“Even if a ‘pro-Russia’ candidate will win the presidential elections, which is unrealistic, then Verkhovna Rada elections will make such a combination with which the opportunities of the president will be cut off. After all, their power tilts side to side.

Even if to imagine that those loyal in relation to Russia will come to power, they won’t be allowed to implement anything normally. Ukrainians are infected with this ideology, they can have 16 hours of negotiations with the Kremlin, but, having returned home, they will deceive the Kremlin, themselves, and everyone else.

The historical process dragged on. The cat’s tail was cut in parts, there is a need to chop it off in full so that it doesn’t suffer. Who can do this best of all? Poroshenko of course … We see that he is leading Ukraine towards disintegration, and it is necessary to allow him to sort out this noble historical affair. It will be a curative surgical operation,” said Tretyakov.

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