Vladimir Kornilov: A Reminder About Who Launched the War in Donbass…

The “war against the Russian aggressor” in Donbass is being hammered into the heads of Ukrainian residents through the media and media resources. Only the authors of this myth forget that the aggressive fight against the miner’s land was unleashed by the former Ukraine in March 2014, when there wasn’t yet either the people’s militia nor Slavyansk.

The Donetsk historian and well-known political scientist Vladimir Kornilov offered a reminder about this on the air of the “Russia-1” TV channel during a discussion about the causes and effects of the tragedy in DPR and LPR that has lasted 5 years.

The political and public figure noted that listening to frank lies about the reason for the genocide of Donbass, about responsibility, and about other things has already become tedious.

“Here is it said that Strelkov invaded, and so on. Do you remember the dates that Strelkov appeared in Donbass? It was the second half of April 2014,” stressed Kornilov, referring to the beginning of the formation of the people’s militia and the armed standoff with UAF militants.

On March 14th, in the former Ukraine, the so-called “Day of the Volunteer” was celebrated. Kornilov suggested to remember the reason for the creation of this “holiday”.

“Because on March 14th 2014 the formation of voluntary battalions started, and it was directly said why – ‘at first we will cleanse Odessa, then Kharkov, Donbass, and then Crimea’,” said the political scientist, reminding those who conveniently forgot. People certainly remember the cleansing of Kharkov, and in particular Odessa, such bloodletting are difficult to forget in a hurry.

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Further, the historian reminded that Ukrainian tanks appeared in Donbass for the first time on March 17th 2014, when no “official” “anti-terrorist operation” had yet been declared, while the armoured machinery of the Ukrainian junta’s invaders had already arrived on the territory of the Ridge.

“Volunteers had already been formed, what Strelkov/Girkin can be spoken about here? Who threw the army against civilians, contrary to the 17th article of the Constitution of Ukraine?” said an indignant Kornilov.


War was launched not by Donetsk and Lugansk residents, and also not by Crimeans, “it was Ukraine that threw equipment against civilians”. There is a huge amount of video footage showing the villagers and inhabitants of the small towns of Donbass blocking off UAF militants, trying to talk some sense into them and convincing them to turn around. “And at this time Ukrainian soldiers were shooting only in the air. But then militants came, various Abalmaz came,” summarised Kornilov.

Abalmaz is the nickname of Ruslan Onishchenko, who is the leader of the punitive Tornado battalion, who distinguished himself by his sadism, beast-like cruelty, torture, and marauding among his militants. At the moment this “anti-terrorist operation hero” tries to prolong the appeal process from a pre-trial detention center in Kiev, trying to evade responsibility and be released for new “feats”.

After this footage and historical digression to the recent past, questions about responsibility for unleashing the war against Donbass automatically can’t arise.

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