Vladimir Kornilov: Bernard Henri-Levy and the “Correct” Mutiny

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The western media very much loves the rare and scanty protest actions of Russian oppositionists. The photo of joyful students doing selfies in the police van, or of police officer taking away a cheerful girl from a rally and accurately escorting her by her backpack, as well as huge articles about the repression of the totalitarian regime in Russia are provided. And then angry appeals from various European figures with the demand to provide “the right of citizens to protest” follow. Serious clashes between Gilets Jaunes protestors and the police in France have broken out already for some weeks. Here you have everything: tear gas, bludgeons, rubber bullets, mass detentions, water-cannons, and serious injuries among protesters. But no selfies from a police van, and no appeal to the authorities of France from foreign leaders with the demand to rein in the police. Only the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova urged Paris to “refrain from the excessive use of force”.

And why are all those human rights activists who so furiously assert the “right of people to protest” in Russia or in those countries where the West starts “colour revolutions” silent?

We will answer this by using an example. The French media figure Bernard-Henri Levy, who calls himself a philosopher, acts here as an indicative specimen. His name is well known to the citizens of those countries where the West managed to overthrow the government and to organise any massacre. As soon as a new “colour revolution” happens somewhere, Levy is sure to appear. He distinguished himself by his support for the invasion of Afghanistan, civil war in Yugoslavia, the invasion of Georgia into South Ossetia, and the “Arab spring”. He was very active in pushing the West into the “humanitarian bombing” of Libya, after which he joyfully strutted up and down the destroyed Benghazi, promising: “We will bring civil society and democracy to Libyans”. The result is known to all: Libya was cast into civil war, a mass of victims, and ruins.

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And what about Levy? After “democratic” Libya, which had already been destroyed with his assistance, forbade him from entering the country, he sharply lost interest in this topic and switched to Ukraine. It is difficult to find a western figure who would be so active in support of the Kiev Maidan of 2014 and Poroshenko’s regime. Speaking on the square covered with Banderist banners and decorated with swastikas, “wolfsangel”, and portraits of Bandera, the “philosopher” didn’t notice at pointblank any nazis there, but at the same time gave birth to the article “We are all Ukrainians”. In 2015 he became the cofounder of the Agency for the Modernisation of Ukraine. However, since then nobody has heard anything about this agency.

When it concerned overthrowing the “incorrect leaderships” of Libya and Ukraine, Levy asserted the right for mutiny, having stated with pathos: “Human rights have no borders: any person is my neighbour, even if they live in Timor, Darfur, or Libya”.

But here the time of mutiny has come in the France native for him, outside his windows – but it’s as if it’s a totally different person.

Levy actively supported the use of tear gas against “Gilets Jaunes”. And he called those who started to criticise him for this hypocrites. It is characteristic that at the same time he considered the case in the Syrian Ghouta – the provocative fake staged by the “White Helmets” – as real gas poisoning. I.e., for the true European liberal and friend of George Soros, this staged event in distant Syria is a real crime against the background of the real smell of gas in his hallway somewhere in the center of Paris.

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Levy et al pretended that they didn’t notice the mass arrests of school students in different cities of France on December 6th. They simply ignored the footage showing police officers forced young lyceum students to their knees in the town of Mantes-la-Jolie, having put cuffs on them or forced them to hold their hands behind their heads. On that day Henri-Levy limited himself to a tweet: “Whether Macron speaks or not (with the people – ed), whether we agree with him or not, whether we support his reforms or we are against them — none of this matters right now. Facing the growth of fascists (on Maidan, as we remember, there weren’t any fascists, but in Paris Levy noticed them – ed), fanatics, and enemies of the state, we have only one way out: support president Macron”.

In general, the normal behaviour of a typical representative of the liberal establishment of the West. If it is necessary to support the “correct” mutiny, he will go on about a child’s teardrop, demand to remove law enforcement officers from the streets, and sympathise with the raging crowd. But when it is an appointee of this establishment that is in power — any mutiny becomes a priori “incorrect” and is subject to the most severe persecution.

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