Vladimir Kornilov: How Soros’ StopFake Lies About the “Absence” of Nazis in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The phrase “Where did you see Nazis in Ukraine?” became widespread already since Maidan. Many western officials more than once stated that information about the distribution of right-wing radicalism, neo-nazism, and anti-Semitism in Ukraine is nothing more than an invention of Kremlin propaganda.

The other day the Russian media and diplomats were accused of faking that in Ukraine fascism and “Ukrainian nationalist sentiments” gain strength. It is the well-known StopFake website – sponsored by the billionaire George Soros and western official structures, and which was cited in the West more than once as an example of how it is necessary to “resist Kremlin propaganda” – which “exposed” this fake.

The Embassy of Russia in South Africa is accused of spreading “disinformation”. If to trust Soros’ “fighters against propaganda”, then Russian diplomats “on their official twitter account published a post where it is claimed that the government in Kiev allegedly issued stamps depicting Ukrainian commanders of a division directly in a nazi uniform”. StopFake categorically claims: “The information of Russian diplomats is fake”, and explained that Ukrainian mail didn’t issue such stamps.

It is enough to go to the quoted tweet of the embassy to notice: in this case the fake was spread by StopFake. Firstly, in the tweet of diplomats there isn’t any words about the “government in Kiev”. There it is said that “Ukrainian authorities and Neo-Nazis” commemorate 75 years since the SS “Galicia” division was created, and at the same it mentions stamps that were issued in honor of this “anniversary”.

Secondly (and it can be easily verified by the “revealers of fakes”), the stamps showed by the embassy were indeed issued and solemnly redeemed in Lvov at mass events devoted to SS soldiers from “Galicia”. There is a mass of proof of this in the Lvov media. In addition, Ukrainian news agencies very quietly posted photos from this ceremony, also showing the stamps.

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It is already seen from this who lies — the Embassy of Russia or Soros’ “revealers of fakes”. It could be possible to carp about the word “authorities” in the tweet of diplomats. But the fact is that the events in honor of “Galicia” indeed took place under the auspices of the Lvov authorities, which the head of the Lvov regional administration publicly declared, and this is recorded on the official website of this establishment. Moreover, these events weren’t limited to redeeming provocative stamps. A solemn concert, a demonstration under the name “March of Embroidery” with symbols of a nazi division, flower-laying at the memorial of “Galicia”, and even a competition of children’s drawings were organised in honor of this SS division. Thus, the fake was spread not by the Embassy of Russia in South Africa, but by the website that allegedly combats fakes.

StopFake also behaved in approximately the same way towards the information of RIA Novosti concerning the words of the well-known head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich concerning the favorable difference between the SS “Galicia” and the Red Army. StopFake stated that the Russian agency allegedly “manipulated” this quote, and then … quoted the same phrase that was provided by RIA Novosti.

And even more laughable is the statement that “the Russian media manipulated information about a concert in one of the Kiev clubs, where a ‘great number’ of Ukrainians allegedly glorified nazi Germany. In reality they weren’t a “great number” – but only 300 people, reports the website, calming its readers. But if you glance at the link to the source that StopFake quotes, then you will see that there indeed it is a question of 300 attendees of the scandalous concert, and the words “great number” is also an invention of “fighters against fakes”.

It coincided so much so that an extensive “investigation” by StopFake was published literally the next day after the Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy published sensational material about the consul of Ukraine in Hamburg Vasily Marushinets who for many years glorified Nazism and the nazi ideology, published anti-Semitic posts on social networks, wrote “It is honourable to be a fascist”. But Soros’ “revealers” preferred “not to notice” this new. As well as the fact that in 1994 Marushinets, being at the time the leader of the village Veliky Rakovets (Transcarpthian region), immortalised there the names of the leaders of UPA Bandera and Shukhevych in streets names.

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And literally right after the scandal a video also appeared that showed another representative of the local Ukrainian government distinguishing himself by sharp anti-Semitic statements: the mayor of Skole (Lvov region) Vladimir Moskal delivered a “lecture” about the role of Jews in the problems of Ukraine. In particular, he attributed such a “problem” to it being precisely Jews who “helped Stalin to crush Hitler”.

All of this doesn’t prevent websites like StopFake from continuing to claim that there isn’t nay Nazism, anti-Semitism, or xenophobia in Ukraine. And if numerous facts indicate the opposite, then they simply call them fakes.

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