Vladimir Kornilov: If the Nazification of Ukraine Isn’t Stopped, It Will Be Realised Sooner or Later

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


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The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory nipped in the bud an attempt of one of the regions of the country to hold a military parade on May 9th. This was stated by the first deputy of the head of the institute Alina Shpak on the air of the Ukrainian “Channel Five”.

“We said: in that case will have a format, like in the Kremlin. He said that he will think about it. He received an irrefragable answer: we don’t celebrate the Great Victory. May 9th is a big myth about the Great Patriotic War. And on May 8th we speak about how much it cost the world that the aggressor wasn’t stopped in time. Ukraine found itself between conflicting sides,” said Shpak.

She complained that despite the external processes of decommunisation, it wasn’t succeeded to change the consciousness of the residents of the country.

“There are those who found it comfortable in the previous paradigm. What was very convincingly pushed forward for 70 years in the past will reverberate for us for a long time. And it will be for the next 25 years also,” said Shpak.

The Donetsk political scientist Vladimir Kornilov stated that the Institute of National Memory of Ukraine’s ban on holding a parade on May 9th is one more step towards replacing the celebration of Victory Day with new dates in honor of the accomplices of the Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.

“They have been heading towards this for a long time. A State where Nazis and collaborators are openly heroised and glorified at the official level can’t consider the Day of Victory over Nazism as a holiday. For them it is their most important tragedy.

It is precisely for this reason that gradually in Ukraine voices suggesting to make June 30th – the Day of declaration of a Hitlerite and Banderist ‘State’ – an official ‘holiday’ become louder and louder.

If the Nazification of Ukraine isn’t stopped, this idea will be realised sooner or later,” warns Kornilov.

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