Vladimir Kornilov: Media Rips Into Trump as They Can, Lowering the Bar More & More

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard





U.S. history has not yet seen such “united, active work of the media against one candidate” for the presidency. This was stated to “NEVSKY NEWS” by the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov.

“American mainstream media during this electoral campaign completely broke through bottom. In my opinion, never before in American history has there been such a united active media against one candidate. Moreover, the methods of this struggle were utterly dirty”.

As a reminder, today Donald Trump officially took office as President of the United States. The day before he arrived in Washington. Former US presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush Jr, and Bill Clinton with his wife already confirmed their participation in the inauguration ceremony. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the central boulevard in Washington D.C. – the city adopted serious security measures. To keep order about 28,000 police officers were involved, reported the media.

In addition, the Federal aviation administration imposed flight restrictions on the DC area. They acted on Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 on the East coast of the USA.

However, earlier, CNN promoted in detail what can happen should Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence be killed right at the inauguration. The author of the material came to the conclusion that in this case, the top post will go to someone from the cabinet of the outgoing Barack Obama.

After the CNN report, a wave of criticism followed from American experts. A former employee of several government agencies, including the Ministry of Internal Security of the United States, and currently the host of the program “Backstage Politics” Justin Russell believes that the media hypes in vain the “armageddon scenario”, writes RIA Novosti.

“This is a continuation (more than) of 55 inaugurations, where the transfer of power took place without any violence. All the talk about the armageddon scenarios that can happen at  the inauguration, is a pure fantasy, an unhealthy conversation. This will not happen,” said Russell.

Ordinary Americans expressed their bewilderment on their social media pages.

“Apparently, CNN thinks it’s okay to openly advocate for the assassination of the elected President Trump in order to keep in power the Obama administration,” wrote one user on Twitter.

In turn, the Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov believes that the channel crossed a “red line”: “the story of a possible assassination attempt on the new President gives incitement”.

CNN has crossed a “red line”: the story of a possible assassination attempt on the new President gives incitement. This is not freedom of speech, but bullying.

It is worth noting that the Western media took a dislike to Trump from the very beginning of the electoral campaign and highlighted the activities of the politician with hostility. “There was the impression that for the victory of a particular candidate, the media absolutely refused to look objectively at the reality,” noted the official representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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The President-elect also didn’t standby – he still continues to criticize the press for false publications about himself, including in connection with the dissemination of false “compromising information”, which could seriously damage his reputation.

At a recent press conference, Trump refused to answer the question of CNN, calling the channel “fake news”. The New York Times believes that by this, the future occupant of the White House began a “war with the media” and war “inside the media”, dividing journalists into loyal and disloyal. Trump also said that due to distrust of the journalistic community he is forced to maintain his Twitter account.

“I don’t like Tweeting, I have other things I could be doing besides this. But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. And my only way I can counteract,” said the elected U.S. leader.

The already damaged relations with the media worsened with the information that the transition team of the elected President is considering the transfer of the press center of the west wing of the White house to another building.

The American press disapproved and wrote to the future head of state an open letter condemning Trump for his attitude towards them. The journalists stressed that it is them who decide whether to talk with the officials informally or not. They also added that have many alternative sources of information.

Commenting on the conflict of the new U.S. President and media, Mr. Kornilov added that it is precisely the defeat of the Democratic candidate for the top post, Hillary Clinton, that became “a significant defeat of the U.S. media.” In his words, “society has clearly shown its attitude to all these CNN and the New York Times, which completely lost the trust of their viewers and readers.”

“American journalists, who did not hide their contempt for the Trump campaign, now also hate him for such a demonstration of public sentiment. That’s why they rip into him as they can, lowering the bar more and more.”

The inauguration speech of Trump (it was reported that he wrote it himself) was “sophisticated, beautiful, strong, and brief,” said his assistant Kellin Conway on Wednesday.

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The day before the ceremony, the future head of the United States of America began with another tweet with the words “the journey begins”.

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