Vladimir Kornilov on the Opposition Bloc’s Proposal to Alter the Minsk Agreements

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine it was suggested to change the Minsk Agreements. Such a proposal was made by the co-chairman of parliamentary faction “Opposition Bloc” Yury Boyko.

He proposes to reformat “Minsk-2” and to create a new road map for a solution to the Ukrainian crisis within the framework of the recent telephone negotiations in the “Normandy Format”. Boyko demands to attach also the United States of America to the “Normandy Format” and to introduce a UN peacekeeping contingent in Donbass.

Poroshenko’s words were sounded by the lips of Boyko

The Federal News Agency contacted the well-known political scientist Vladimir Kornilov to offer his assessment of Boyko’s proposal. According to the expert, the most interesting thing about this idea is who stated it.

“To be honest, all this once again emphasizes that the ‘Opposition Bloc’ in Ukraine concerning many issues — if not in the majority of them — voices the same position that the operating Kiev authorities do. In principle, Boyko via his proposal is in reality voicing Petro Poroshenko’s words. The President of Ukraine more than once said that the Americans need to be attracted into the ‘Normandy Format’. Russia more than once responded to this. Poroshenko more than once suggested to introduce ‘blue helmets’ into Donbass – UN peacekeepers. Russia also responded to this. Now Boyko spoke on behalf of Poroshenko and didn’t add anything from himself,” stated the Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies.

Unpromising offer

Already before Boyko started to speak about Americans in the ‘Normandy Format’ and UN peacekeepers, Poroshenko continuously insisted on these things at all international venues. “I can assure you that the western press quoted Poroshenko much more often than the words of Boyko will be discussed and quoted. In the West many didn’t hear about him,” continued Kornilov.

“It is rather possible that the words of Boyko will be quoted by the Russian media. But all of us know that by the lips of the highest statesmen, by the lips of officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by Lavrov’s lips — the Russian authorities more than once responded to such proposals. Russia doesn’t need the involvement of Americans in the Minsk negotiations at least because in the ‘Normandy Format’ there already is a representative of the US, a representative of the State Department. His name is Petro Poroshenko,” added by the political scientist.

The Ukrainian President in the framework of the “Normandy Format” is an absolutely dependent figure. He coordinates all his actions with the American side.

“If to attach Americans to the ‘four’, it is necessary to throw out Poroshenko from it and to discuss everything directly without the participation of puppets. As for UN peacekeepers, Russia will also agree to this idea only in one instance — if the contingent will consist of troops of the Russian Federation and other states of the CIS. Kiev will never agree to this idea, but why does Russia need NATO and American troops near its border, who will come there under the guise of UN peacekeepers? Respectively, all the ideas of Boyko are unacceptable,” sums up Vladimir Kornilov.

Donbass won’t understand

The inhabitants of Donbass — by the way, the main electorate of the “Opposition Bloc” — are unlikely to be glad to see American military nearby, should somebody allow them in their region. Nevertheless Kiev isn’t interested in understanding this.

“None of the professional Ukrainian politicians count on such things. Remember how Viktor Yanukovych was a great euro-integrator, who methodically pushed his root, principle electorate away from himself. Unfortunately, mainstream Ukrainian politicians never understood what loyalty of electorate means,” emphasized the political scientist.

In general, if Boyko’s recent words will resonate with anybody, it will be with himself. The inhabitants of Donbass — of those regions that are still under the control of the Ukrainian authorities — are unlikely to understand or adopt his proposal.

“They constantly step on the same rake, considering that they were gifted an eternal electorate by God, and that all that it is necessary for them to do to increase their ratings is to show the opposite position. Then they think that they will manage to ‘raise’ their ratings at the expense of other regions. They don’t understand that in doing this they reduce the loyalty of their principle electorate, for which they should battle much more zealously than for other regions. Unfortunately, Yanukovych’s knowledge didn’t teach anything neither to Boyko nor to others,” summarised Vladimir Kornilov.

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