Vladimir Kornilov: Prominent Ukrainian Nazis Remain in Power, Despite Zelensky’s Election Win

The new appointments in Vladimir Zelensky’s team and the general policy of Kiev demonstrate that all victorious reports about nationalists in Ukraine being defeated as a result of a change of president were premature.

This was stated on the air of the “Rossiya 1” TV channel by the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov.

Vyatrovich was dismissed, thank God, a positive step. But at the same time more money was allocated for the Institute of National Memory, it continues to function, Vyatrovich, after Zelensky’s arrival, placed his people in regional offices. I.e., Vyatrovich’s business continues.

Pay attention to today’s appointment. The position of the deputy chief of the head of the National Police was given to Vadim Troyan – one of the creators of the ‘Azov‘ battalion created on the basis of the Social-National Assembly of Ukraine, which called and still calls themselves National Socialists. We understand that this is not an accidental coincidence.

The right-wing militant and war criminal is now in the police of Zelensky and Avakov, he has returned to his high post again. As is peculiar to patriots of Ukraine, firstly he was caught stealing, then he had a financial scandal, then he was discharged for a while, but now he has returned,” noted the political scientist.

According to Kornilov, the personnel appointments in Ukraine demonstrate that the Kiev “top” continues to remain just as Nazi as before.

“These returns – Gerashchenko, Troyan, and others – unfortunately demonstrate that those hopes, in particular of Russian liberals, that rabid nationalism definitively lost, were not justified,” summarised the expert.

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