Vladimir Kornilov: Regardless of Who Wins The 2019 Elections, Ukraine Is Obliged to Obey the IMF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Ukraine the destructive consequences of the political policies of the current authorities were again mentioned. The “stupidity and foolishness” of the government in Kiev leads to the destruction of the “great and strong country”, considers the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Rabinovich. The parliamentarian noted with indignation: the actions of the government led to food in Ukraine being more expensive than in Germany and Great Britain.

“Salaries in Ukraine are dozens of times less. This can happen only in a country that was led to its destruction. This can happen only in a country where the government, in addition to theft, does not think about anything”

said Rabinovich on the air of the “NewsOne” TV channel with disappointment

He added that at the moment the “great and strong” Ukrainian state is being killed.

The political scientist and observer of MIA Russia Today Vladimir Kornilov, commenting to the correspondent of the Federal News Agency about Rabinovich’s statement, emphasised that the same type of statements about the plight of Ukraine will continue to be repeatedly heard in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, which will take place at the end of 2019 [October – ed]. The expert drew attention to the fact that the Rada deputy, complaining about the critical condition of the country, knew about the deplorable state of the economy.

“Rabinovich and those similar to him will generate [similar] statements very often, and the closer the elections [to the Rada] come, the more sharper he will speak. The problem, unfortunately, is that as soon as the elections have ended, all the statements will stop and nobody, of course, will do anything.

Yes, indeed, Ukraine surrendered [its independence] on Maidan. The standard of living is worse, this is a fact known to all. This was known to Rabinovich even before the elections,” explained Kornilov.

At the same time, one shouldn’t believe that when a new government comes to power the situation with the financial dependence of Kiev on western creditors will considerably change. Presidential elections are not able to cure Ukraine.

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As the political scientist noted, even if the president is replaced in March, Ukraine will still stay afloat only at the expense of the euro-tranches allocated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“The Prime Minister of Ukraine [Vladimir Groisman] directly said that the country became a complete hostage of the International Monetary Fund. The loans are not going to disappear anywhere — this year Ukraine must repay 15 billion dollars of debt all the same. In any case, the authorities will again beg the IMF for money.

Regardless of whoever becomes the president, it is necessary to fulfil the demands of the IMF: respectively, to again increase tariffs and reduce social standards. Whether it will be [Petro] Poroshenko, [Yuliya] Tymoshenko, or [Vladimir] Zelensky – any of the candidates, there is a need to pursue these policies. Ukraine surrendered its subjectivity to western actors,” summed up Vladimir Kornilov.

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