Vladimir Kornilov: The Russian Presidential Elections According to British Propaganda…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Presidential elections of the Russian Federation take place, in the imagination of British propaganda, under the barrel of the Russian military.

This was reported on the Facebook page by the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov, who posted a caricature from the British “The Sunday Times”.

In the drawing a tank with a star is shown in front of the domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The tankman poking out of the hatch asks an elderly woman: “Can I give you a lift to the polling station?”.

“Thus, according to The Sunday Times, this is what today’s elections in Russia look like Tell me please, were you also herded to the polling stations by tanks? Or in some places it was limited to dogs and bludgeons?” asked the political scientist.

“The Times” doesn’t lag behind their colleagues in inflating anti-Russian hysteria.

“I opened today’s issue of ‘The Times’ and received a big surprise: the cover talks about a sex scandal in Haiti and horse racing. For the first time in the two last weeks there are no words about Russia on the front page! And then I opened the newspaper – but no, everything is normal, the anti-Russian hysteria continues. Here are the contents of today’s issue:

‘Enemy of Putin was murdered, police say’

• ‘Kremlin behind murder of exile, says friend’

‘Nerve agents: from sheep-dip to deadly shirts’ (this is about the narrative that Skripal’s luggage was poisoned).

• Nation divided over World Cup boycott’

‘Russian oligarchs pile up assets in Britain’

• ‘Chance of finding evidence fades as inspectors drag feet’

‘My week: Vladimir Putin’

‘Russia and the prize of a private education’ (letters sent in by readers who quickly responded to the idea of depriving the children of Russian oligarchs of the opportunity to study in Britain).

‘Russia hates our century of spying success’

‘Putin victory will herald succession struggle’

‘Russian funds: should you stick or twist?’

• And on top of all this – an editorial about the need to postpone the World Cup to 2019!

I stress: this is the entire contents of TODAY’S issue of the Times newspaper!!!”

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