Vladimir Kornilov on the Threat of Donbass Becoming The “Second Chernobyl”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Eduard Basurin stated that Donetsk can become the second Chernobyl because of the constant attacks by the UAF, in particular, the separate productions of seven coal mines located in the zone of military operations on the territory of the Republic were already partially damaged, abnormally deenergized, and subsequently flooded, which created a critical situation both for other mines connected by a uniform system of hydrological communication and for the environment. Besides this, the day before the Donetsk Filtration Station was again shelled and deenergized. In reality, such shelling, especially on those enterprises where radioactive and chemical materials are stored, can eventually lead to a catastrophe, the scale of which is quite comparable to that of Chernobyl. Here Basurin is absolutely right. And I have suspicions that, in general, similar provocations by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) are as minimum being studied.

Proof of this is the article that made a lot of noise in the West that appeared about a year ago in the British “Times” newspaper, which cited sources in the SBU, the British reported that allegedly “separatists”, with the help of Russian scientists, develop a “dirty” nuclear bomb almost secretly from Moscow.

Judging by the fact that the only source of this sensation was the SBU and that Turchynov just several weeks prior, approximately at the same time, stated about the possibility of Ukraine using a “dirty” nuclear bomb – this is, in general, what I consider as confirmation of the fact that the SBU, perhaps, were preparing and still prepare a provocation using radioactive materials. So in reality this is a very serious threat.

It is clear what Ukraine hopes to obtain by doing this. We indeed repeatedly saw and heard statements of various Ukrainian figures that Donbass will be deserted; we heard Lyashko’s statement that it won’t be necessary to restore enterprises and cities after Ukraine “liberates” Donbass. I.e. they do everything so that Donbass is turned into ruins, and regardless of whether they will win or not.

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Meanwhile, in the “ATO zone” fighters and marauders are entrenched who enrich themselves with this war. The level of these soldier-fighters is obvious when we are shown photos and video reports about these actions. They have a purpose – to earn on this war, on this blood, to steal somewhere, to receive awards somewhere, some merits, and so on. They receive the order to shoot – so they shoot, the order of a ceasefire arrives – so they just sporadically shoot. Actually, all their activity comes down to this.

While it’s not on the frontline that decisions are made, however, despite these ominous warnings of Turchynov and the “Times”, they haven’t resorted to this provocation, and I very much hope that at least not especially common sense, but fears in front of their masters in the West will stop the Ukrainian figures from adventures already of such a scale. Because I think neither Berlin, nor Paris, nor Washington will be delighted with such technogenic catastrophes with serious consequences for all Europe.

That’s why I very much hope that the fear in front of sponsors will nevertheless stop Ukraine, because if Ukraine will go on such adventures, like using a “dirty” nuclear bomb, this will stop the development of Ukraine itself. But in principle we saw that this Kiev regime already went on many adventures.

What to do now? Of course, Europe needs to actively put pressure on the regime under its control in order to stop this combat operation, but, of course, we can’t count on Europe especially. While the conflict is still ongoing on the borders of Ukraine and Russia, it disturbs Europe less than if it was somewhere near the Mukachevo or Lvov regions. That’s why, of course, all hope is on Russia – primarily, how this conflict will develop depends on Russia.

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Personally I, long ago, suggested to adopt the experience of the same Washington and in regards to Ukraine to resort to the policy of so-called “red lines”, which the Kiev regime shouldn’t cross. I.e. to unambiguously say: if you will bomb Donbass cities with jets – then Russia will take such measures. If you organize a catastrophe that will affect also Russia (and you understand that there, God forbid, the same “dirty” nuclear bomb will be used, and this will echo to all nearby regions of the Russian Federation), then Russia will go further. Respectively, Russia needs to work accurately, rigidly, and systematically. And the main thing is to show to Kiev what Moscow is ready for, in order to stop this conflict or to reduce the heat of this conflict.

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