Vladimir Kornilov: Ukrainian Nationalists Were Raised in the 90’s by US Citizens

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Nationalists in Ukraine were raised in the 1990’s by citizens of the US, said the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov on the air of the “60 minutes” program on the “Russia 1” TV channel said on November 16th.

“In Ukraine the policy of rehabilitating Nazism has lasted for many years. I have the pictures that I personally took in June, 1991 in Ternopol when the Soviet Union was still alive. An empty pedestal from where first of all liberals – the democrats who came to power – broke and pulled down a monument to the Soviet tank, and in the same place, near this pedestal, there was Stepan Bandera Street. That’s how early they started to raise such youth there. By the way, it is the citizens of the US who came from America to raise them,” he said.

He reminded that in the 1990’s the junior Plast” organisation was headed by the husband of the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine (2014−2016) and native of the US Nataliya Yaresko.

“Plast” was a scout organisation that functioned at the beginning of the last century on the side of Ukraine, which was a part of Austria-Hungary. It is known that the future Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera was a part of it. During World War II many former scouts entered OUN. After the collapse of the USSR the organisation was restored and developed its activity on the territory of modern Ukraine. Some media agencies point to the connection between natives of the scout movement and the nationalist battalions of the volunteers who were involved in the ATO.

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