Vladimir Kornilov: Western Media Tries to Silence the Story of Hassan Diab

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The story of the 7-year-old Syrian girl Masa, who allegedly became “a victim of a chemical attack” in Douma, flew around the whole world. A huge CNN program, during which a journalist instantly determined the “fact” of poisoning by smelling a backpack, the front page of the The Sunday Times newspaper with the heading “The little girl whose agony set the West on path to war” with a big report about Masa’s story, etc.

All of this was published in the western press in large quantities in order to justify missile strikes on sovereign Syria. It was tried to not ask critical questions about this. If someone from the public dropped a hint of doubt concerning the reliability of this story they were immediately labelled an “Assad apologist” and subjected to public persecution.

And a week later Russian journalists published the story of 11-year-old Hassan Diab, practically the main character in the well-known video from the Douma hospital that is still being played on a loop on all western TV channels in confirmation of the “chemical attack” that allegedly took place near Damascus.

Do you know how the following day the western press responded to this sensational revelation? They didn’t! I.e., during more than 24 hours “truth tellers” from western newspapers and various “CNNs” tried in general not to notice this story. But little Hassan’s story started to being quickly spread on social networks. And when Russia directly stated it that will show the interview with the boy in the UN Security Council, some western media agencies understood that it nevertheless won’t be possible anymore to continue to hide it.

Of course, you won’t find any western newspaper that would bring the story of the boy Hassan to the front pages, as was the case with the girl Masa. At best it was published in the brief notes. This same “The Times”, which promoted the girl’s story so much, published a “note about your boy” in the international news section, adding a caustic comment to it:

“Russian State television often spreads disinformation”.

Well, so that the reader, heaven forbid, doesn’t think about the reality of this story.

The Sun also reluctantly published a short column featuring the story of the boy from Douma. However, it was placed under the “Fake views” section. Moreover, it was emphasised in the column that Hassan “looked nervous” when he commented to the Russian journalists. Probably, this is a hint that the 11-year-old boy was terribly “intimidated” before the interview.

Well, in a normal situation a 11-year-old Syrian boy remembering a recent horrible story from his life, where militants poured water on him and shook him, must wildly laugh and jump from pleasure. The joyful girl Masa with laughter describing the “chemical attack” obviously doesn’t cause the British press to either ask questions or to have doubts.


It’s only the western media that still “doesn’t notice” the story of the boy Hassan, and some (for example, The Guardian) devoted some paragraphs to it inside reports about the situation in Syria. And of course, having added to the narrative the comment of an “independent British expert”:

“It’s absolute misinformation and a cover-up”.

Well, he, of course, has a better view from Britain. This “expert” for some reason didn’t call into question the testimony of girl of Masa.

It is Chris York, the news editor of the British service of the HuffPost went further than the others in his cynicism, which most likely testifies to a fear of the truth. “Having been ashamed” to tell his readers the story of Hassan on the pages of the publication, the journalist placed the following comment on Twitter (forgive for lexicon):

Why? Oh, York “proved” his affirmation with “incontestable proof” — he showed a photo of the author of the Russian story about Hassan — the war reporter Evgeny Poddubny — near Bashar al-Assad! Well, what other proof can their be of the “involvement” of the Russian journalist?!

Just think about the level of “debunking this Russian fake”! Imagine if we did it in the same way. For example, the military correspondent of CNN Arwa Damon spoke about the girl Masa and her smelly backpack — and we in reply show photos of the terrorists who she interviewed more than once.

Or even better: the story of how a drunk Damon bit two medics in the American Embassy in Baghdad. Judge for yourself how it can be possible to believe someone who bit medics?

And if to follow the “logic” of York concerning the photo with Assad, we, it turns out, now shouldn’t believe any word that comes from Blair, Erdogan, Annan, Sarkozy, Kerry, and a mass of other politicians? After all, all of them met and were cutely photographed with Bashar al-Assad – a Chevalier degree Legion of Honour award winner.

And what to do with the British Queen Elizabeth? We wait from Chris York to use the word “shite” concerning the next message of Her Majesty because she also with pleasure posed with the family of the “bloody dictator”. What more “proof” that the Queen lies is needed?

Yes, this is how western media works. Constantly, on a regular basis, generating one conspiracy theory after another about “Russia’s culpability” for all everything bad in the world (Skripal’s affair is enough in itself!), they angrily sweep aside any alternative narrative, hanging the label of “conspiracy theory” on it. And at the same time they persecute everyone who tries to call into question the “only correct” narrative or simply asks inconvenient questions.

And then the western establishment is very much surprised when the audience trusts the American or European mainstream media less and less, trying to find alternative sources of information on social networks and on the Russian English-speaking channels.

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