Vladimir Kornilov: Yatsenyuk Crucified by the BBC’s Stephen Sackur

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

Yatsenyuk had the temerity to appear on the programme HardTalk on the BBC. Journalist Stephen Sackur literally crucified him. By the end of the programme it was scary to look at Arseny so flushed and excited.


[Full interview can be found here (audio only for those with a non-UK IP address) or here (video for those with a UK IP address)]

Sakura asked Yatsenyuk about his financial condition. The latter said that about a million dollars (it’s funny, isn’t it?) and explained: well, don’t forget, I was a banker, I worked for 10 years in the private sector. Honestly, I thought that there is something I do not know the biography of the former Prime Minister. I reread it and still do not understand where these 10 years came from. Or did Yatsenyuk included in this “experience” the early 90’s, when he was a gypsy cab? It is at this time he amassed such a fortune? He worked as a banker, he worked in “Aval” Bank for as many as 10 months in 1998 as a consultant – Oh, I doubt that the salaries of ordinary employees of “Aval” back then permitted to earn millions. And that’s all – after he became a junior official. Or maybe he included in the “banker experience” the Maidan period of 2004, when he was acting as deputy-head of National Bank? I.e. he considered this period as “private business”, where it was possible to gain a lot?

Sakura crushed Arseny when he spoke about the unprecedented “reforms” that he implemented as Prime Minister. The host reminded him that the rating of his government at the time of resigning was 2%, to which Yatsenyuk only mumbled: “an information campaign was waged against my government.”

But the most funny part was when he talked about Russia, Crimea, and Donbass. Yatsenyuk proudly stated: “I don’t care about the opinion of Putin”. The presenter openly laughed, saying, you may not care about the opinion of Putin, but he is the only person who has a clear strategy. And he began to ask him point-blank: is Yatsenyuk ready to look into the eyes of Ukrainian mothers whose children are dying in the war in the Donbass. Arseny did not answer the question, insisting only that they are “heroes” and that he will fight (I understood it as “to the last soldier”).

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