Vladimir Putin: The US Grossly and Impudently Lied to Russia During the Coup in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow responded to a request of Washington at the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, and as a result the Americans behaved exactly on the contrary to what was agreed on.

In the movie “2018 World Order” the head of State said that the day before the mass actions in Kiev the American side appealed to Moscow with a request to do everything for the non-use of the army by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych so that the opposition can liberate squares and office buildings and move on to implementing the reached agreements for the normalisation of the situation. According to him, Russia agreed, and the day after there was a coup in Ukraine.

“Well, they could’ve at least called us or done something, even just a word. They could’ve at least said — ‘you know, there is such a concept as excessive implementation’ — ‘we didn’t want it, but events developed in such a way, but we will make everything to return everything to the legal framework’. There was no words – on the contrary, there was full support for those who carried out the coup d’état,” stated the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian leader noted that the US has herded themselves into a corner, because they staged a coup in Ukraine using their own hands, and now are forced to support the authorities in power in Kiev.

“Most likely it is for the first time that they did it so grossly and impudently. It was done in such a way that after saying let’s do it like this, they in reality did everything in a different way, and didn’t even bother themselves to say something in this respect, such things have probably never happened before” stressed Putin.

At the same time Putin noted that he wasn’t disappointed in the US President Donald Trump, with who it is possible to reach an agreement and look for compromises. But the American system is so unpredictable that it complicates interaction with him, added the Russian President.

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