Vladislav Deynego: A Good Plan For The LPR Is Complete Independence From Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On the air of the “Russia 1” TV channel on the “60 minutes” TV program the issue of the autonomy of Donbass and the future of the region was discussed on February 6th. To the question of hosts, the authorised representative of the LPR at the negotiations in Minsk, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LPR Vladislav Deynego, answered that for the republics of Donbass the best plan would be to become completely independent of Ukraine.

“A good plan for us is full independence from Ukraine”

stressed Vladislav Deynego

At the same time, the representative of the LPR assured that the republics are not abandoning the Minsk Agreements and that the Agreements is still technically feasible, but Ukraine does everything so that these agreements are impossible to be implemented.

“Yes, the Agreements are technically feasible and we undertook these obligations in Minsk. We are not abandoning these obligations, but Ukraine creates all conditions so that this plan isn’t implemented, including the criminal case against Medvedchuk is a part of this plan for the full cutting away of Donbass”

reported the Foreign Minister of the LPR

Vladislav Deynego emphasised that all the current candidates for the president of Ukraine don’t need either Donbass or its inhabitants, because they understand that if Donbass is as a part of Ukraine, they will not be able to win in elections. The representative of the LPR noted that in Ukraine all people who objectively assess the situation in the country are maximally debarred.

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As a reminder, earlier Vladislav Deynego reported that Ukraine cut Donbass away from itself and thus the region is already autonomous from the Ukrainian state. In this regard accusations related to the words about the autonomy of Donbass spoken by the Ukrainian politician and the negotiator in Minsk Viktor Medvedchuk are groundless.

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