Volgograd Residents & Veterans Indignant After Navalny Mocks Sacred Monument “The Motherland Calls!”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Participants of the Volgograd office of the “Searching Movement of Russia” appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office with a request to bring to responsibility the supporters of Aleksey Navalny, who posted on social networks an image mocking the monument “The Motherland Calls!”

Members of so-called “Navalny’s team” in a group in VKontakte published an image in which the face and a hand of the sculpture of a woman symbolizing the image of the Motherland is painted in a green color.

“In their official group on a social network they depicted an image of the Motherland, sacred for all inhabitants of Volgograd and Russians, calling her sons for the fight with enemies with a face and a hand painted in green color. They did it, wishing to please their leader Navalny,” quotes the V1.ru outlet from the words of the chairman of the Volgograd office of the “Searching Movement of Russia” Andrey Oreshkin.

In the official appeal, which was also sent to the prosecutor’s office of the Volgograd region, veterans and residents of Volgograd described the act of supporters of Navalny as a disgusting “mockery of a symbol of Victory and spitting on each veteran and soldier who died for liberation from fascism”.

The situation with the Volgograd supporters of Navalny received a continuation.

On 23.03.17, one of the participants of the chat group “Supporters and volunteers | VLG” in the Telegram messenger service posted on her page on a social network extracts from the correspondence of activists of Navalny in Volgograd.

“I am in the chat ‘Supporters and Volunteers | VLG’, and with every minute, with every message I wonder more and more. There there is a discussion about how to frame the Dean of one of the universities, how to hold provocations using extremist techniques 1488, they continue to release collages with an image of Navalny on the background of a painted ‘Motherland calls’ monument, and so on. It is just disgusting, nothing else. Nothing is sacred for Navalny & Co. I add screenshots in chronological order.”

From the published messages it follows that the young Navalnyists intentionally posted the mocking image of “The Motherland Calls!” Moreover, the blogger’s supporters were fairly amused by the effect of their stunt.

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Also it became known that Navalny’s supporters are preparing provocations aimed at discrediting a teacher at the Volgograd University. There is a proposition on behalf of one of the University’s Deans to post on the Internet the address to the local youth with an appeal to come out for unauthorized street protests.

Navalny’s admirers continue to exchange different collages with the image “The Motherland Calls!”, where the monument is also presented in a humiliating form.

All of this is followed by the cynical comments, showing both the moral and intellectual levels of supporters of the blogger. It is worth nothing that some participants of the conversation, as well as Darya Chirskova herself, condemned the actions of their co-thinkers.

The blogger himself and people from his environment denied the participation of the co-thinkers in the photo posted online in which the face and a hand of a sculpture are colored in green. The post in the “Navalny’s Team | Volgograd” group was removed, however screenshots of it remained.

The Russian public, and more so inhabitants and veterans of Volgograd, were indignant with the immoral act of the supporters of Navalny. Inhabitants of Volgograd posted online a civil petition in which they demand to bring to responsibility the culprits of the mockery of the monument “The Motherland Calls!”

“This disgusting situation once again proves that for Navalny and his supporters there are no values, there are no morals, nor morality and respect for our history,” it is said in the text posted on the website Change.org.


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