Volker’s Double Game: Why the US Pushes Forward Russia’s Resolution on UN Peacekeepers in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Kurt Volker’s recommendation to Kiev – to come to an agreement about the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission in Donbass within the framework of the Russian initiative – is nothing more than a PR move. With its help the US in the information space creates an image of a side trying to use diplomacy to resolve a conflict, considers the deputy director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Predictions of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Nikita Danyuk.

Volker’s recommendation

Washington suggested to Kiev not to submit a competing resolution on UN peacekeepers in Donbass in response to the Russian initiative, stated the special representative of US State Department to Ukraine Kurt Volker at a meeting with journalists. According to him, the US advised the Ukrainian side to try to come to an agreement about the principles and elements of the possible deployment of a UN peacekeeping mission within the framework of the Russian initiative.

“Volker’s words here are nothing more than a diplomatic gesture. All of us perfectly understand that the resolution prepared by Russia concerning the deployment of peacekeepers on the contact line between the DPR/ LPR and Ukraine will never be supported by Kiev. It is very important for Ukraine to transfer responsibility for the unsolved crisis to the shoulders of Moscow, and in this context it is necessary to designate Russia as the aggressor country.

It is precisely for this reason that for Kiev it is vital that peacekeepers are not on the contact line between the republics and Ukrainian troops, but on the border with Russia, which automatically makes the Russian side a participant of the conflict, although it, of course, isn’t. Kurt Volker perfectly understands this state of affairs, that’s why, having all powers to put pressure on Kiev, he doesn’t force it to agree with the Russian resolution on the introduction of UN peacekeepers. His words have a rather advisory nature,” notes the expert in conversation with FBA “Economy Today”.

The PR move of the US

As Danyuk assumes, Kiev prefers to ignore Volker’s advice, having once again stated the need to deploy a UN peacekeeping contingent on the border with Russia. In this sense, the words of Volker are a diplomatic trick, which allegedly shows the aspiration of the US in every way to resolve the conflict, although it is absolutely not so.

“Besides this, disagreeing with Volker’s recommendation, Kiev demonstrates its ‘independence’. While in reality all the statements of the special representative of the US and his steps indicate the opposite – neither the Ukrainian side nor the US want to reckon with the main normative-legal base of the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, namely with the Minsk Agreements. All recommendations here are more than a PR move. With its help the US creates in the information space the image of a side that really wants to change something in the Ukrainian conflict,” summarises our interlocutor.

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