Volunteer From “Mirotvorets” Publicly Called to Kill the Mother of the Deceased Irina Berezhnaya

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The volunteer of the scandalous website “Mirotvorets” and blogger Miroslav Oleshko on his Facebook publicly urged to kill the mother of the perished former deputy and the public figure Irina Berezhnaya – Elena.

On his profile he suggested to users to select an option how exactly to kill Elena.

“What option of a definite stop will be suitable for Elena Berezhnaya:
1. Like Buzina.
2. Like Kalashnikov.
3. Like Chechetov.
4. Like motorola and givi.
5. Like Zhilin.

I consider that the fourth option is the most interesting in respect of grandness and brightness so what it would be imprinted in the memory of others and so that they have only one desire: to travel after having left Ukraine,” wrote the blogger with several grammatical errors.

At the time of publishing this news the post was liked by 160 people – from them there is no angry response, only “likes”, hearts, and laughter.

Elena Berezhnaya is a famous lawyer and human rights activist. In particular, she organized a petition against the renaming of Vatutin Avenue into Bandera Avenue in Kiev, now she filed a lawsuit about this in court.

Also, together with her late daughter, already in 2015 she obtained from the Supreme administrative court a decision that obliged the authorities to renew social payments for inhabitants of the non-controlled parts of Donbass (however, this decision was never implemented by the government).

Earlier “Strana” made an observation – how after the death of the former People’s Deputy social networks discussed the “dancing on the bones” after the death of Irina Berezhnaya.

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