Volunteer Rafael Lusvarghi – in the Clutches of the SBU for Almost a Month

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Brazilian volunteer Rafael Lusvarghi has been in a Ukrainian prison for almost a month, and, as it became clear, his fate doesn’t seem to bother the Brazilian authorities at all. “Antifashist” sent letters to the Embassy of Brazil in Kiev and in Moscow with the question, what is being done for his release, and didn’t receive a response over the week.

Rafael Lusvarghi is known to many as the commander of the “Viking” battalion. He fought in Donbass from September 2015. There he accepted Orthodoxy, swore allegiance to the all-great Don army, and was wounded.

On October 6th, the media reported that Rafael Fernández Márquez Lusvarghi had been detained by the SBU in Kiev.

Some suggest that Lusvarghi’s flight was not supposed to make a stop in Kiev, and was grounded intentionally at the request of the SBU.

But the volunteer’s friend Rafael Machado claims that Lusvarghi, after getting injured, decided to find a more peaceful profession. “In the beginning of the year Lusvarghi sent many email messages to private security companies because he was looking for a job. He received several job offers from different places. Six months later he received an email from Omega Consulting Group. He responded to their UK office in January,” said Rafael Machado to Tsargrad.

According to him, Lusvarghi was offered a job in the field of protection of ships at sea. The first task for him was to travel from Odessa to Sri Lanka. And although he doubted and worried about his safety, the receiving party in Ukraine assured that he would not be threatened, as it had been agreed in advance with the OSCE. The friend of Lusvarghi believes that he was especially deceitfully lured to Kiev by the SBU.

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Our editorial staff tried to contact the embassies of Brazil in Ukraine and Russia to see whether they will negotiate with the Ukrainian side on the extradition of its citizen to the homeland. An answer has not yet been received, but we have not much hope that Brazil will satisfy our enquiry. Because earlier, when the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed the Embassy of Brazil with a request for the initiation of criminal proceedings against Brazilian citizens who are fighting in Donbass on the side of the militia, the Brazilian comrades chose to ignore and not comment on this subject at all.

The Chairman of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler believes that the friends of Donbass underestimate the actions of the SBU in vain.

“Raphael was deceitfully lured to Kiev and was arrested by the SBU there. This happened, most likely, because the underestimation of the actions of the SBU of Ukraine are underestimated by many foreigners,” said Larisa Shesler. “And they don’t realise that the names of many militia members and even humanitarian missions of the DPR, LPR, are written down by the Kiev security forces. And this data is also sent to Interpol. Therefore, there is political repression of those who returned from Donbass to European countries, especially in the Baltic States.

It would appear that he is being kept in Lukyanovka. We plan to organize a campaign for his defense and to contact his lawyer, who will be able to further say if he is present. And also to demand from the Ukrainian authorities to extradite him to Brazil so that they charge him there, if they do at all. That is our task – to seek his extradition to Brazil”.

But Olga Kulygina, who is a board member of the Union of Donbass Volunteers, believes that it is likely to be impossible to pull out a Brazilian volunteer from an SBU prison:

“If he is in SBU custody, communication will be problematic. And if he is in Lukyanovka, then there communication with him can be arranged. But really, the meaning of this will only be for the sake of some parcel deliveries. Because to achieve his release or even extradition will be virtually impossible.”

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