Volunteer of UAF Reveals How They Can Violate the Minsk Agreements and Remain “Innocent” at the Same Time

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The founder of the volunteer organization “Return Alive” Vitaly Deynega, who densely cooperates with the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, on the air of “Channel 5” revealed the mechanism with which the UAF can violate the Minsk Agreement while remaining at the same time “innocent”.

According to his testimony, the participation in military operations of radical organizations and even so-called “volunteers” gives to the command of the UAF “flexibility” in making decisions on shelling:

“What are the strengths of volunteers: for example, Right Sector can fulfil those tasks that, because of legal or ethical circumstances, can’t be fulfilled by the Ukrainian army. I don’t want to reveal all military secrets, but if the Ukrainian army legally has no right to shoot, it is always possible to ask Right Sector members about it,” said Deynega.

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