Volyn: Ukrainian Nationalists Threatened to Punish Poles and Desecrated a Memorial

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As the locals report, in the village of Kysylyn of the Lokachi district in Volyn, unknown persons who call themselves “Ukrainian patriots” profaned a monument to the victims of the Volyn tragedy — an ethnic conflict from the times of World War II, during which Ukrainian nationalists from OUN in large quantities exterminated tens of thousands of Poles.

The vandals wrote “Volyn is Ukraine” on the stele.

The monument is known by the fact that in October of last year the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski himself came here to pray for the dead, and where priests of ten parishes conducted a wake about the Poles tortured during the Volyn massacre of 1943-44.

Near the monument in Kysylyn there are ruins of the church of Peter and Paul, built in 1720. It is exactly here that during a church service in 1943 on July 11th, ninety local Poles who came on that day to church were cruelly killed by Banderists.

The vandals also didn’t spare the walls of the illuminated building, having written on them provocative inscriptions. Among which – “A cudgel for the Polish snout will be found”.

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