Vučić & The Führer’s Spare Chair

When voices are heard saying “There’s no need to make fun of Vučić!” in condemnation of Mariya Zakharova’s statement, it is worth remembering that the rape of Serbia takes place with the consent not of Vučić, but of the Serbs themselves, who laid down their weapons.

Yes, Serbia was conquered by military means, raped. But in Russia, in such cases, the nation goes into the woods and become partisans. In Vietnam, too. Both Russia and Vietnam were bombed much harder. But there the nation did not accept the occupation, grumbling angrily, but obeying.

Did they find collaborators hanging from lamp posts in the morning somewhere in Serbia? Partisans were hiding somewhere in the Balkan mountains, like we have in the Kerch quarries? Is there a Young Guard somewhere in Serbia? Where do they have derailed trains and attacks on NATO convoys? Are there really no conditions at all?

Let’s remember Yugoslavia. Broz-Tito was a Serb. But the British and Churchill were closer to him than the Russians and Stalin. Now it doesn’t matter that they thought England would save them from Germany. If they are so blind and have forgotten history – that only the Russians saved them, then this is self-serving forgetfulness. The ruling elite of the Serbs, with the consent of a large part of the population, accepted collaboration as a profitable policy.

The Serbian establishment since the First World War has a very double orientation, where the Russians strongly cede place to the British. Yes, the Serbian people have strong sympathies for the Russians. But there are also strong sympathies for the west there. To not say this is to lie. And that is precisely why not a single Serb gauleiter of the occupiers was hanged there on a lamp post. Unlike in the destroyed and occupied part of the USSR, be it Ukraine, Belarus or Russia.

Vučić is the President of Serbia elected by the Serbian people. They voted for him. The Serbs have accepted their fate and do not stand up to the occupiers with weapons in their hands.

Vysotsky has a poignant poem about Montenegro: “The Montenegrins rushed to bring water filled handfuls to their mouths, the Montenegrins drank water for the future, and lived for the future, up to 30-years-old”… “The Montenegrins didn’t respect those who lived longer than 30”. Where is Montenegro now? It’s gone. It is at war with Serbia and accepts the occupiers. It suffers. It obeys. It does not revolt or die in the mountains.

Vučić on a spare chair in the White House is the concentrated will of the Serbs. The Serbs and Montenegrins made their choice. They accepted their fate. But in Russia it is not customary to sympathise with the elders and gauleiters of the occupiers. Even those who tried to somehow soften the regime. They were also tried and shot or hanged along with auxiliary policemen and Vlasov’s adherents. And they didn’t really reflect on their moral suffering.

Because there were those who died in the prime of their life from wounds, hunger, and thirst in the mountains of Crimea, the quarries of Odessa and Kerch, froze and starved in the forests of the Bryansk region, Ukraine, and Belarus, but did not give up, but gnawed the throat of the occupiers, until either they died or the occupiers fled.

No Orthodox or other illusions of brotherhood work in the Balkans. Neither the Greeks nor Bulgarians nor Serbs nor the Montenegrins experience brotherly feelings towards Russians because they are Orthodox. Like how the Poles do not experience brotherhood to Russians because they are Slavs. The element in Serbia that is sympathetic to Russians is a natural geopolitical resource of Russia, but the Serbs themselves do not want to use this resource, and Russians cannot. Because European integration among the other part of the Serbs is as popular an idea as it is in Ukraine, if not more. And that’s why Vučić is there, but Oleg Koshevoy or Nikolay Kuznetsov is not.

Signing a document where Serbia recognises Kosovo is like signing an agreement to recognise Moscow as federal land of the German Reich or Napoleonic France. Russians don’t have this gene in their blood. They laid their bones near Moscow or utterly burned them, but they didn’t obey. And Russia was destroyed much more than Serbia.

It is possible to sympathise with the Serbs. As we sympathise with those who have surrendered. But at the same time, more understanding is found by those who went to the partisans or the hungry and barefoot active army, and filled up the enemy with corpses, until the army was shod and armed, and help did not come to partisans from the Big Land.

The Serbs did not have a Malaya Zemlya. And they didn’t have Stalingrad. And near Belgrade they didn’t stand to their deaths. Everyone wanted to live for more than 30 years. And not just to live, but to live well. Now they sit on the Fuhrer’s spare chair and listen to the judgement, taking mockery and humiliation

This is their choice. A lot of people really want to go to the EU for lace underpants and ersatz coffee. But betrayal is never cost-effective. For Slavs, an attraction to the Germans and the Anglo-Saxons never ends well.

Aleksandr Khaldey

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